What Kind of Capital Do I Need to Start a Mobile Oil Company?

What Kind of Capital Do I Need to Start a Mobile Oil Company?

Due to our economic situation in the United States many unemployed folks cannot find work, yet have very good qualifications, are self-starters, and can do just about anything. For this reason many are considering getting into a business of their own. Not long ago, someone mentioned that they wanted to get into the Mobile Oil Change business, as a career option, and so you might expect they’d have a few questions about all this right?

Sure they did, questions such as what would it cost in start-up capital be to start such an enterprise? And what if they also incorporated a fleet vehicle washing business in with it; what might that cost? Where would they buy equipment for such a business? All great questions, so let’s discuss this shall we?

Okay so, let’s answer these vitally important questions. You see, there are several companies which offer trailers or truck mounted oil change units. And many that offer mobile washing equipment. So, if you are interested in starting such a service as well, then you might just set up a trailer unit yourself, but I wouldn’t combine them into one unit due to creating scheduling challenges as the business gets bigger.

If you are an auto-buff or auto mechanic type you probably can get the equipment for a good price, or find someone going out of business and buy it used? Lots of small service businesses in the US are not making it right now for economic reasons I suppose. I bet you end up spending between $6,500 and $15,000 for equipment and then you need a vehicle or trailer to mount it on.

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In fact, you might get lucky with used stuff, keep the costs low, and I wouldn’t go borrow a boat-load of money until you sign up some good accounts and get that receivable money flow coming in. Be wise, your corporate customers, government agencies are still very slow to pay right now. No, this is not the best time in the world to get into your own business, but some have no choice, and a service business is much safer than other types of businesses.

Now then, no business is recession proof, and all service businesses are hard work, but if you have the perseverance, strength of character, integrity, and will, then well, you might make a go of it. Remember companies will need to make sure their vehicles are running properly, as new equipment is very costly. Thus, it makes mobile oil changing somewhat of a necessity, and thus, perhaps something to consider when choosing a business to start. Please consider all this.