Toyota Supra – An Overview

Toyota Supra – An Overview

The Toyota Supra is a type of sports car and grand tourer that was originally produced by the Toyota Motor Company from the years of 1979 to 2002, making it one of the older models with the longest value of production in the Toyota line. The style was originally derived from one of its predecessors, the Toyota Celica; however, it was specifically fashioned to be both wider and longer so that it would be a sturdier car than the Toyota Celica. However, the designers were able to maintain the original speed in the vehicle, despite its larger size than its cousin, the Toyota Celica.

During its 3rd generation starting in the middle of 1986, the Toyota Supra MKIII, the Supra became its own model, no longer based off the previous model, the Celica. As a result of this, there was no longer the prefix “Celica” and became, simply the Supra. However, due to the similarity it is often mistaken with the Toyota Celica and vice versa.

The Toyota Supra also traces many of its roots back to the Toyota 2000GT with the original insistence of the 2000GT being the motor used for the car. During the first three generations of the line, a direct descendent engine of the Toyota 2000GT, the M engine was used. All four of the Toyota Supra’s have sported and produced an incline 6 cylinder engine with most of the engine specs being almost identical except for a few choice technological innovations. The aspects of the interior have also been quite similar through all four generations. The engine is relatively powerful, but lacks a certain get up to the acceleration. However, this is made up for in luxury as well as overall power.

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This particular car also gained its own logo after it broke out from the shadow of the Toyota Celica. However, it did derive from the original Celica logo; it still remains somewhat unique, as the car was proven unique. The logo looks very similar to the Celica logo, but it is blue instead of being orange and has several other altercations to it. This logo was used until around 1986 during the second generation right before the Toyota Supra MKIII was released. A brand new logo came along with this new title. It was similar in size but has orange writing and a reddish background and did not have the dragon design as it formerly did. This logo was used on the Toyota Supra until around 1991 when it was switched to the current logo, which is in the shape of a oval.

Toyota discontinued the sale in 1999 and officially stopped production in 2002 in Japan. The Toyota Supra is an iconic sports car that has been used in numerous video games and movies for its look as well as its notoriety for power and speed.