Think Twice Before Tuning Your Toyota Supra

Think Twice Before Tuning Your Toyota Supra

Supra has become very popular after the Fast & the Furious movie. Everyone remembers the famous 10-second orange MKIV generation Supra. This is the point where Supra owners started to think more about converting their slow non-turbo 2JZ-GE engines into a 400-700 horsepower 2JZ-GE-T beasts.

I am one of those owners (yes, a girl with a beautiful red Supra) having a naturally aspirated Toyota Supra 1995, 222hp in stock with manual gearbox. The car is gorgeous, sexy lines, original interior – great feeling to drive the car. The only thing that was wrong was the lack of power. I like to drive fast, I just love brutal acceleration with wheel spin and 222hp was not enough for the Supra to become my dream car. So I decided to tune it. I was totally new to turbo chargers, standalone engine management, intercoolers and BOV-s. I had no idea how much it could cost and that it was not the best choice to tune a car with 184k miles on the odometer.

The first thing I have done after talking with a tuning specialist was ordering a full turbo kit which consisted of a Precision T61 turbo, Intercooler, 440cc injectors, HKS BOV, all sorts of pipes, cone air filter, all sorts of fuel/oil lines, some sensors, fuel pressure regulator and some other things needed for a turbo conversion. I have spent $3900 for the kit plus AEM standalone unit to tune the fuel (+$1400).

After a month when I had all things on my hands I could start to convert my beautiful princess into a sexy wild roaring beast. The car has spent 2 weeks in the tuning shop when all the stuff got bolted on and tuned to 400hp on a crank.

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It is nearly impossible to describe my first experience of driving a 400hp Supra, hearing the turbo spin and BOV releasing extra pressure, I just can’t describe that awesome feeling, it is even better than sex! Going single turbo was worth every dollar until…until the problems started to happen.

After two months of owing a turbo charged Toyota Supra the stock gearbox has failed. I was really disappointed, but this was not the only bad thing that happened. I have spent few months to find and order the gearbox from the internet, spent more money to have it installed and had my car back when the engine started knocking on my way home from the tuning shop. It appeared that I needed a new JZ block with all internals.

After I have bolted on the turbo, the problems just kept coming. Now my main aim is to sell the car. So think twice before starting to tune an old car. It is much better to drive a naturally aspirated car, than to have a turbo charged one in the tuning shop and not being able to drive it.