The Secret to Getting a VIS Carbon Fiber Hood Cheap

The Secret to Getting a VIS Carbon Fiber Hood Cheap

SEIBON Carbon fiber hoods are known for two things.

Excellent Quality

Weight Reduction

SEIBON has earned a pretty good reputation, their parts are distributed by RAYS of Japan so they’re well respected. You can even start to see them in Japanese car shows in magazines like Option.

Some of the other well known names in the after-market hood industry are VIS Racing, JSP, SEIBON, and TC Sportline. All of these companies produce great SEIBON Carbon Fiber Hoods which are sold in the United States and throughout the Internet and various car forums. The best place however is Google site, because it allows you to sort by brand, price, manufacturer, and even material like carbon kevlar bonnets for instance.

The light weight SEIBON carbon fiber hoods certainly weigh less than the stock steel OEM hood of a Mitsubishi 3000GT or a Dodge Neon. Stock factory cars are usually made of steel and have heavy body parts from the factory. Reduce the weight by up to 60 pounds with a cf bonnet and trunk, even more in some cases!

Race cars are sometimes entirely made out of CF composites, or carbon kevlar. Some of today’s production high end cars are also purely Cf.

SEIBON Carbon Fiber hoods with vents can increase airflow or engine intake and intercooler. Aerodynamics can be improved upon with vented hood designs in tune with the body lines and curvature of your Mitsubishi Eclipse.

When you look at the Honda Civic hoods, make sure it’s glossy and shiny. That’s in part due to the UV protective layer is in the gelcoat. Make sure to buy a grade A, UV protected gel coat hoods, trunks and make sure it’s from a well known manufacturer.

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The Invader style cf hood is pretty wild, this design flows well with aggressive kits. The EVO design looks good on Mitsubishi cars, especially the EVO’s and Mirages. The OEM is a good design for the Honda Civic 92-95 EG or for any non-turbo car that needs a light weight carbon hood.

You can get a cheap cf hood by sorting by price on an automotive website, this way the hoods that cost the least are sorted first so you can easily navigate through the cheaper models.