The New Mitsubishi Colt – Economic & Safe

The New Mitsubishi Colt – Economic & Safe

The New Mitsubishi Colt is one of the most economic cars on the market because the person who purchases it will have low monthly payments. The payments start as low as $99 a month and the car itself is less than $10,000. The Colt has a low APR of 8.9 percent, which is a steal compared to what other APRs are for other makes and models. On the bright side, the car will be paid out in three years with on-time payments. There are options, if needed, for refinancing. When buying the Colt, there are many features available that other cars don’t offer.

New Mitsubishi Colt has a child-seat mountings, so the child is safely placed in the car the correct way. In a car accident, the child won’t be harmed in any way. The Colt offers electric window heating, so the driver and passengers are warm during the winters months. It has Auto Stop and Go for when the car is stationed. It will go or stop all by itself. The car also will stop by itself, if the car feels it is in any danger, such as an accident. So the buyer of this car doesn’t have to worry about the car flying down the road because it will stop.

The New Mitsubishi Colt has a 55 miles per gallon consumption, so it won’t need to be refilled with gas if a person is going to be traveling a little over an hour. Most smaller cars are good on gas. So that is an added benefit. Another benefit is that the Colt can be locked and opened from a long distance. The keyless car is safe because it enables the driver to get in and out of the car easily without having to look for the key, especially at night. The Colt also come with the option of using the CD player or Ipod to listen to music.

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New Mitsubishi Colt is comparable to the Lancer, but with added benefits. It hugs the road like any other car. It has a lot of room on the inside, but it is able to fit into tight parking spaces. The car is also tip-proof, as well as having emergency stopping. The engine is equipped to become immobolised if there is an emergency. So driving this car is very safe, comfortable, and reliable. It also comes in a range of colors for the new buyer to choose from.