The Honda Civic Cars of 2010

The Honda Civic Cars of 2010

The Honda Civic 2010 is more compact and more economical than the previous models. It goes for fuel economy while offering a lot of luxury options for its owner. The Honda Civic 2010 range is definitely a must-have for car owners who want to have all the best in a vehicle – economy, style, performance and reliability.

The Civic 2010 comes in 5-speed manual and 5-speed automatic. These options can suit anyone who wants to drive this luxurious yet economical car. The prices, of course, differ. The starting price is around $15,455 (Honda Civic Coupe) but those who want to have the high-end version (Honda Civic Hybrid), the price would be at around $27,000. This price range just means that while you get top performance for any car, you still have choices depending on your finances.

The Honda Civic 2010 also boasts of its gas mileage performance especially when compared to the older models. This new beauty can go for 36 miles per gallon on a highway but can also have 29 miles for each gallon for city driving. With stats like these, you definitely get to save money on fuel. Despite its high fuel economy, the Civic 2010 remains to be one powerful car with a powerful engine.

Safety will never be compromised when it comes to this Honda car. It is, in fact, awarded for safety by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This award is due to the big improvements in the car’s body structure, the airbags, the anti-lock brake system and the vehicle stability assist features. Of course, all these are part of every Civic.

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The Civic range starts with the Coupe in 2 or 4-door options. There are twelve colors and trims to choose from but the Coupe comes only in 5-speed automatic. The Honda Civic Sedan comes higher on the price notch. You can have either the SI or the Hybrid. The Hybrid is the popular option as it can save you lots of gas and money in the long run so investing for it is seen as worth it.

Over all, the Civic 2010 range tops its contemporaries because an owner gets almost a luxury car without the difficult price tag. With its luxurious features, you know that you are paying a lot less.