The 2010 Honda Civic

The 2010 Honda Civic

Honda is a recognized manufacturer of power equipment, recreational vehicles and most importantly, cars. The 2010 Honda Civic carries on a legacy of a model that has been a very successful seller. In 1973 Honda introduced the civic. Since then the civic has become Hondas number one seller.

The 2010 Honda Civic is available in the following trim levels or models; DS, LX, EX EXL, SI, and Mugen. The DS is a so called “stripped down” version which is usually not as plentiful as the other models. The LX model has the most popular items, such as power windows, locks, CD player and air. The EX will have the same options as the LX but adds rims instead of hubcaps and a six disc changer. The 2010 EXL will have all of the features standard to the previously mentioned models and added leather and sunroof. The SI and Mugen are specialty cars and offer several features or options to choose from.

The Civic LX model sells the best. Why is this? Because it has what most people want in options. By putting the most popular features in the LX model, the 2010 Honda Civic LX remains the best seller out of the lineup.

One important thing to remember is that the Civic is available in the coupe and sedan model. Honda has managed to create a sedan, or four door car that has the visual aspects of a two door, or coupe design. The sedan outsells the coupe because of the styling aspects and versatility.

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For 2010, the Honda Civic has an outstanding warranty. For the first three years or thirty six thousand miles the owner is covered under what is called a “bumper to bumper” warranty. For this period everything but wear and tear items such as brakes, windshield wipers and light bulbs are covered. The 2010 Honda Civic also comes with a standard five year, sixty thousand mile power train warranty. The power train warranty covers all internal parts of the motor and components of the transmission. For added protection Honda has several options that will extend your warranty coverage time or components. Most of the time these extended warranties can be financed into the total price of the car.

For over forty years the Honda Civic has remained an excellent seller for the company. For 2010 the Civic carries on Hondas tradition of providing reasonably priced quality vehicles to the public. In return Honda has become a leader in car manufacturing. The 2010 Civic will hold its resale value and provide years of enjoyment that eventually may be passed down from generation to generation. Customer reviews of the 2010 Honda Civic are strong and reflect the editor’s reviews of being a dependable car.