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Tire Selection Guide

The Do’s and Don’ts of Tire Selection Guide Care

Most of the time, we don’t even pay attention to our Tire Selection Guide. We let them run out of air and tread without even worrying what the repercussion of this may be. There are things we can do to help save the life of our tires and ourselves, and there are a few maintenance checkups that will also add longevity to your tires life. Of course, there are many don’ts that we should definitely be aware of before we get in our vehicle.

Tire Pressure

Having the correct Tire Selection Guide pressure is the most important precaution to take for tire care. On the side of your tire is the inflation pressure. This may not be the correct pressure for your tire because it is the maximum operating pressure. You must always use your operating manual to see the proper inflation pressure for your vehicle. Also check the tire pressure when the tires are cold.


To have more precise steering and even wear on your tires, you should have your tires aligned when you notice your wheel pulling to one side. When the tire is aligned front-to-back, the car will have better steering and handling.


When your Tire Selection Guide are accurately balanced, you will experience a more comfortable ride. The life of your tired will also increase. You should get your tire balanced as soon as you feel vibrations in your car. This vibration can cause damage to your suspension as well as add wear to your tire.


To have uniform wear and tear on you tire, you should How To Get Free Tires For My Car rotated regularly. Make sure it’s a credible place.

Driving habits

The way you drive can actually affect the life of your tire. Don’t speed because it causes unnecessary heat that will raise the rate of wear on tread and lowers durability of tire. Try not to act like you’re a race car driver because fast turns and starts will wear out your tread. Also not sudden stops if you don’t need to do it. Avoid driving over potholes, obstructions in the road, and curbs.


Don’t mount your own tires. Leave that to the professionals who own the proper equipment and knowledge. Don’t get a different size tire when replacing old ones. Don’t mix radial tires with bias-ply tires on the same axle.

Tire Pressure

Don’t let your tire pressure get to low. This can cause a blowout, extreme cracking, an increase in the sidewall bulging, and mechanical damage. The tire cannot support the weight of the vehicle when under inflated. Don’t over inflate the tires either. The tire will not be able to sustain road impacts and also the suspension will be affected.
Take you vehicle to a dependable retailer that will help you with your tire care needs.…