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Recondition Car Battery

Recondition Car Battery Can Save You Money

Instead of buying new batteries for your car every now and then, many people nowadays, have found it more economical to try Recondition Car Battery. It would not only save them at least half as much money as buying new ones, but also they found it more beneficial to the environment. Reconditioning can also be done on other types of batteries, too.

Types of Recondition Car Battery

Batteries are reconditioned with respect to their type. Each type has a slightly different structure as the others hence, the need for specific reconditioning methods in order to revive them to their full potential. In addition, certain types may take longer time to be reconditioned. For example, lead acid batteries (the kind found in cars) take at most two weeks to be reconditioned. Unlike Recondition Car Battery, other types may take only a short span of time to do so. Also, it is essential to note that in performing these methods, safety must always come first. Remember to remove any jewelry on and recondition these batteries in well-ventilated areas as some may involve release of certain gases, especially in lead acid batteries.
There are two common ways to recondition lead acid batteries. One is to make use of a Desulfator, also known as Nanopulser. It is a gadget attached to it that sends it little power pulses which would eventually break through the buildup of sulfate crystals on lead plates. Another is to heat and pour quick solution of Epsom salts into the battery and properly distribute the solution by shaking it. This solution attains the same result as the Desulfator – to clean up the sulfur buildup that prevents it from functioning properly.
Another type of Recondition Car Battery that is commonly reconditioned is Ni-Cd or rechargeable batteries. Buildup of nickel crystals inside them shortens it’s lifespan. To reduce the size of these crystals and improve the it’s life, slowly discharge the battery cell from a 1 Volt down increasingly until the final discharge level of only 0.4 Volts. By following these steps thoroughly, a battery’s life can be enhanced even to the point of functioning like brand new.
Long-life batteries or Ni-MH can also be reconditioned. Only, it is of utmost importance that these batteries must be reconditioned one at a time and with careful planning. By watching the level of voltage strictly, making sure that it does not fall below 0.9 Volts, it can be assured that these batteries can be restored to a brand new condition.
For Li-Ion battery reconditioning, seeking the advice of the manufacturer of the said What Is Refurbished Battery is necessary to guarantee that one is doing the right procedures for reconditioning. Without proper orientation, instead of boosting the lifespan of the battery, one might be damaging it thus, reducing it to a little less than just another waste in a landfill.
If done meticulously, with patience and proper orientation, battery reconditioning can save people a lot of time, money and can even help in the environment. Although investing in tools and equipment for car battery reconditioning could be quite costly, it would not hurt to think somebody’s doing a little something for mother Earth, would it?…

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How To Recondition A Dead Car Battery

How To Recondition A Dead Car Battery

You open the door to your car, slide in behind the steering wheel and fasten your seat belt. You adjust your mirrors and your seat, and then place your key in the ignition. Nothing happens. You try it again. Still nothing. Or you may hear a rapid clicking sound. Either way, How To Recondition A Dead Car Battery is not going to start and you’ll be late for work, school or your appointment.

Most Drivers Battery Problems

Sooner or later, most drivers experience battery problems. If you’re diligent, you’ve avoided problems by keeping your current How To Recondition A Dead Car Battery in good shape or replacing it before it fails. That doesn’t matter to you right now — you need to determine the cause and come up with a solution. And as soon as possible.
Read on and we’ll take a look at just what may be ailing your car battery.
1. Dead silence. You turn the ignition key and no sound is detected. At this point you need to either pop the hood or lift the trunk lid and locate your How To Recondition A Dead Car Battery. If you find corrosion, you’ll need to take a screwdriver to clean the point where the terminal post and connection meet. Corrosion can keep your battery from starting as can a separated contact.
2. Rapid clicking. Silence may be golden, but a rapid clicking can be especially unnerving. Likely, your battery is dead and may be beyond redemption. You’ll still want to check the connection and try starting your car again.
3. Cranking, but no start. Your ignition is doing its job, but the engine simply will not turn over. At this point, you can try to revive the Recondition Car Battery by jump starting it. Before you connect your battery with another car’s battery, make sure that the headlights are off as well as the air-conditioning, audio system and anything else in your car that can drain power.

Battery Maintenance

If your battery is past its useful age, then replace. With your new battery, you’ll be informed of its general lifespan by your battery retailer and that is typically three, four or five years.
Now for some tips on how to keep your battery strong:
1. Keep it clean. Batteries are easy to install and just as easy to forget. At least twice yearly, clean the battery by removing the clamps and removing dirt, debris and oxidation. A poor or dirty connection will weaken your battery’s charge.
2. Keep it warm. Garaging your vehicle can keep your battery from wearing out faster. If you cannot garage your car, then consider wrapping it with an insulator. Your auto parts store sells what you need.
3. Check the battery tray. A car’s battery tray keeps everything secure, but it can easily become disconnected or rot through if acid spills and corrodes it. While checking the connection, make sure that the tray is secure too.


Check under your hood and regular intervals and make battery inspection a part of your maintenance regimen. You check you oil and transmission fluid, you top off your windshield fluid reservoir and you add water to your radiator. Include your battery in the check up and you’ll reduce the chances that you’ll someday be left stranded.…

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How To Recondition A Wet Cell Car Battery

Expert Advice for Buying and How To Recondition A Wet Cell Car Battery

Battery Warranties

Make sure you choose a supplier that can offer you a warranty on car and motorcycle batteries. You will not be able to tell if a How To Recondition A Wet Cell Car Battery is faulty until it has been installed in some cases so it is important this warranty is for a least 1 year. Manufacturers of quality batteries will normally provide an extended 5 year guarantee and this can be a good idea as you will get a free replacement battery should the original one fail to last for some reason.

Buy Online

You should seriously consider buying your new vehicle and leisure batteries online. The Internet is a great place to find bargains and you could save a lot of money on top-of-the-range brand names. Buying online is also very easy. This can save a lot of hassle as you will be able to search quickly for the right type of How To Recondition A Wet Cell Car Battery and pay instantly online. Your order will then be delivered directly to your door.

Battery Indicators

Many new batteries have integrated devices that will indicate the charge level. This is very useful as it will tell you at a glance if your How To Recondition A Wet Cell Car Battery is still holding a charge. You can also buy testing devices or ask your local garage to test your battery for you.
Signs that your battery could be losing its useful life include difficulties in starting your car and loss of full power to the lights, sound system and alarm. It is a good idea to test your Recondition Car Battery before you go on any long trips.

Battery Type

There are many different types of motorcycle and car batteries on the market. You will need to make sure you have checked your owner’s manual to find out what power you need. Putting the wrong battery on your vehicle can result in poor power management and could be potentially dangerous.
A� Standard Batteries- quality standard batteries provide good value for money and are usually offered with a 2 to 3 year warranty.
A� Calcium Batteries- these provide additional power and durability. They are ideal if your vehicle has a number of in-car accessories such as DVD players and sat-nav or you need to tow a caravan or heavy trailer. Additional devices and pulling loads can put standard batteries under too much pressure so it is a good idea to upgrade to a more resistant option. Most calcium batteries offer 3 to 5 year warrantees.

Installing Batteries

You do need to take care when installing car or motorcycle batteries. Make sure the engine is switched off and you are in a well-light and properly ventilated area. You should only add distilled water to batteries so make sure you have some on hand ready to use for installation (and also any top-ups required).
When you install a battery make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and wear protective gloves and safety goggles.…