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Reconditioned Deep Cycle Batteries

Reconditioned Deep Cycle Batteries For Solar or Wind Turbine Power System

If you are setting up a solar or wind turbine power system you will need a number of deep cycle batteries to store your power. They are not cheap and are a big percentage of the system cost. If you can find used ones for free or cheap that have been discarded, you could save a lot of money by Reconditioned Deep Cycle Batteries them yourself.

Setting Up your Renewable Energy System

After setting up your renewable energy system, you would also be able to take care of your batteries through periodic maintenance and get longer life from them. The benefits of using recycled batteries are first, saving you money and second, keeping more batteries out of the landfills. Below are some tips on deep cycle battery maintenance.
The Reconditioned Deep Cycle Batteries process will help remove deposits that collect on the lead plates in the battery. It’s these deposits that shorten the battery lifespan. You can do this by using a special battery charger that releases a high current pulse. This pulse breaks up the sulfate crystals that build up on the plates which in turn will revitalize the battery.
Once the batteries are low on their charge, recharge them as soon as possible. If left uncharged, their condition will degrade rapidly leaving them useless.
Avoid overcharging or under charging. Undercharging can increase the pollutant build up at a faster rate. Overcharging will cause the liquid to evaporate faster. Both of these problems will shorten the lifespan from the damage caused. To avoid these problems your system should have a circuit installed to stop over and under charging.
Make sure you have enough batteries in your battery bank to sufficiently handle your power needs. If you are under sized for your needs, the batteries will become overstressed which will lead to other problems. It would be safer to have more capacity that you think you need.
Keep them topped off with deionized water and use an electrolyte restorer. Just like a Recondition Car Battery , when the water level gets low it loses its ability to hold a charge. You should be able to find the restorer at auto parts stores. If you cannot get restorer try a tsp of epsom salts as a substitute.
Learning to Reconditioned Deep Cycle Batteries and maintain your deep cycle batteries will save you money in the short term and the long run. You will be helping the environment by keeping them from going to the landfill. And you have a source of renewable energy that you can maintain for years.…