Starting a Mobile Oil Change Or Mobile Detailing Business in Louisiana Considered

Starting a Mobile Oil Change Or Mobile Detailing Business in Louisiana Considered

If you are considering a mobile automotive business because you like cars and have experience there, plus you realize that jobs are still hard to come by, but the economy is showing good signs of recovery then perhaps you ought to probe this thought of yours a little more. Not long ago, someone just like you was considering the same thing, his name is Scott.

Scott is from Louisiana, and he’d decided that either a mobile oil change business or a mobile auto detailing company was something he’d like to do. And since it was mobile he could afford to start this business without too much capital outlay. Still, he had some questions for me knowing that I had spent some 27-years in the mobile automotive service sector. Below are his questions and I bet they will help answer a few of yours too! Good Morning Scott, you are on the air;

1) My biggest concerns are what licenses and permits do I need for the business?

For both auto detailing and mobile oil changing you will most likely need to speak with your local municipality, if there is none, talk to the county. Most likely you will need standard business licenses. Many jurisdictions have specific rules on auto services. Plus, for mobile detailing you will need to find out about their “NPDES Permits” so that should be your first question due to storm drainage, remember Louisiana has very low ground water table, in many places it is at the surface or even above, as the world learned in the ninth ward of New Orleans for instance.

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There may also be a concern about used oil discharges and environmental considerations, obviously you have to remove the used oil and take it somewhere. Ask where, if you don’t get an answer follow the EPA guidelines, luckily in Louisiana there are folks who will take the used oil for ships, road coatings, or re-refining.

2.) Do I have to have a LLC for the business to get started?

Well, I am not a lawyer thank god, and so I cannot give you legal advice and I’d be a fool to do so in Louisiana, as their laws are different from the rest of the country although most of their business laws are similar. You really need to speak to a lawyer about that, perhaps get a hold of a local SCORE counselor in your area. You can do this by walking into the chamber of commerce to refer you, without being a member yet. Personally, I’d incorporate depending on your personal assets and size of your business.

3.) I guess a guide in the step by step process would be very beneficial for me.

Interestingly enough, I am considering on writing an eBook on this topic and will most likely do that this year. However, I do recommend the Melric’s Guide for starting a mobile oil change business, and you can find this online, it’s very reasonably priced, with lots of good information. It’s currently the industry standard for mobile oil change companies.

Indeed, I’d like to thank my readers for sending in their small business questions, so that I might also help others. If you have questions for our weekly column or radio interviews, let me know.

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