Second Hand Jeep Grand Cherokee, Is It Worth Buying?

The time has come to think about whether the second-hand jeep grand cherokee is a good purchase option, especially since we have just met the new Jeep Cherokee 2019, and we must analyze whether it is worth opting for a used one. 

Born in 1992 as part of Chrysler and Jeep competitive strategy, Grand Cherokee has gone through 4 generations, all with five seats, five-door body, front longitudinal engine, and rear or all-wheel drive, but each one better than the last.

Jeeps have a long and renowned history with military roots going back to World War II. Right away conspicuous, they are known for the incredible rough terrain capacities that procured the brand its trademark “Go Anywhere. Do Anything”. The cars also have fierce brand loyalty that few other automakers could hope to match.

It was during the 2013 NAIAS that Jeep took the opportunity to show the public the facelift they had planned for jeep grand cherokee, which came to give it a more modern look with a less flashy grille, smaller headlights, and a slight redesign in the back with freshly drawn bumpers and skulls. The versions that were offered internationally were Laredo, Limited, Overland, and Summit.

Inside we already had the renovated center console that equipped steering wheel gearshift paddles for the new 8-speed automatic gearbox, a 7-inch color cluster, and an infotainment screen that grew from 5 inches 8.4 inches and was now touch-sensitive.

If you search online, we can find various units with few kilometers traveled in good condition. As always, the price of the used jeep grand cherokee will depend on several factors such as the years it is or the mileage, and therefore we can talk about several purchase options. Now, the first thing you have to be clear about is that this is the SUV you are looking for. 

The current generation of jeep grand cherokee is a true reflection of how the brand has evolved: it maintains its robust aesthetics, its off-road capabilities through versions such as the ‘Trailhawk’ -which includes raised suspension and adds a gearbox, among others- and several traction options, including a front version.

Jeeps are incredibly powerful and can withstand any weather and terrain. Whether it’s snow, rain, rock, or sand, the Jeep will perform without significant problems. Also, passengers inside the car can feel relatively safe thanks to the Jeeps’ size and height.

All are made of high-strength materials, which last a long time and require very little assistance. Some people have had Jeeps for years without having to invest virtually any money in the car.

High-end climate control systems are a hallmark of luxury vehicles, but not so much for aggressive, muscular SUVs. Jeeps, on the other hand, break that mold.

Jeeps have been known for their power, durability, and ability to handle rough terrain off-road. What many people don’t know, however, is that they are also incredibly maneuverable cars on the road. These vehicles are very stable and comfortable to drive compared to other cars in the same class.

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