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2012 Nissan GT-R Goes 0-60 Mph in 2.7 Seconds!

2012 Nissan GT-R Goes 0-60 Mph in 2.7 Seconds!

Three years ago, Nissan made a decision to bring back the revered GT-R for another generation of production. Nissan also promised that the GT-R would be a world-class supercar, capable of competing with the very best that the world had to offer. Nissan promised that the car they delivered would be the start of a series of mind-blowing cars that would be sold under the GT-R nameplate. Three years down the road and Nissan has just delivered on its last commitment with the heavily revised 2012 Nissan GTR.

Nissan provided a couple of sample 2012 GT-R’s in full US specification, for the media to play with. The aftermath of this media introduction were dropped jaws and sore necks, generally the resulting from the numerous 2.7 second 0-60 mph blasts. The sore neck part was actually something that Nissan engineers took into consideration. They actually devised a limit of 4 consecutive launches per every 1.5 miles of casual driving and justified their actions by citing wear and tear on the drivetrain and the occupants neck.

The 2012 Nissan GT-R’s official specs have been public knowledge for several weeks now. The engines power increases to 530 from 485, and the torque grows to a stout 448 ft-lbs, up from 434 ft-lbs. There was even talk of the aerodynamics producing a whopping 10% more downforce yet offering a superior drag coefficient of.26.

On the inside, the 2012 Nissan GT-R definitely seems to be more in line with its $89,000 base price, for the first time. The 2012 GT-R sports improved interior materials, similar to the ones found on various Infiniti models. The gauges are better lit and the colors of the dials and interior trim are more pronounced. The seats are aggressively bolstered and just as comfortable as before. The 2012 GT-R also benefits from better chassis rigidity and can actually withstand an astonishing 11,000 lbs of stress. This increased rigidity results in a better on road feel with slightly less road noise.

There are numerous suspension modifications in the 2012 Nissan GT-R such as an increased front caster that grows to 6 degrees. Nissan also modified the rear suspension to improve its weight distribution and lower the center of gravity for the car.

The wheels have obviously changed as well. The base model carries a new design of 1 piece allow wheel. These new rims are similar to the outgoing models wheels. The old ones are still available though. All GT-R tires are pumped up with nitrogen, which offers superior stability and performance.

The ultimate verdict on the 2012 GT-R, get this car if you have the means! There is no car on the market today that offers the all weather, all situation, performance that this machine does. The car is big, easy to drive, does most of the work for you, and will beat everything from a 911 Turbo S to a Ferrari 458 Italia around a racetrack. Best of all, the car has tons of room for improvement from aftermarket tuners, which can take this car up to 800 plus horsepower.…

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Most Influential Sports Cars From Japan

Most Influential Sports Cars From Japan

If we look at impressive automobiles coming out of Japan then the list would be endless and exhaustive, so it’s better to look at some remarkable performance machines instead. We have shortlisted 5 influential sports cars coming out of ‘Land of the Rising Sun’.

Starting the list with Toyota 2000GT:

Where 800GT couldn’t acquire any notable distinction in annals of history, its successor 2000GT became one of the most influential sports cars from Japan. Some 300 units of 2000GT were produced from 1967 to 1970 by Toyota and Yamaha, making them extremely novel. Surprisingly Toyota priced it at $7000, back in 1967; still no profit was made at this steep price. 2000GT remained a testament of ability rather opportunity and only paved way for future sports cars from Japanese marquee, both Supra and Celica are considered its successors.

Toyota Celica:

Since Celica’s legitimate predecessor is on this list so it’s only natural to expect Celica’s presence. Celica was introduced in 1971 and by 2006 its seven generations were launched. Toyota Celica engine used in its fifth generation turned out to be the most powerful one, producing 232 BHP in a car that was priced within A� 25,000. Last generation of Celica was priced and powered more economically, producing 187 BHP and charging less than A� 20,000. Reliability and efficiency of Toyota Celica engines makes them legendary and one of the most praised sports cars.

Nissan 240SX:

Well before the advent of Need For Speed series, the legend of tuned cars was already prevalent in Japan. Likes of Nissan 240SX, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Nissan Skyline had established their credibility as street racers with untapped potential. Though originally 240SX’s engine produced well below 200 BHP, it was tweaked and tuned with bigger exhausts, turbo and air vents to generate horsepower in range of 400 to 500; some tuned cars, Supras, could tap well over 800BHP.

Nissan GT-R:

Godzilla’ from Japan has completely revolutionized the way world looks at sports cars. It has four proper seats, a boot, front mounted engine and bolder looks. But that doesn’t mean GT-R lacks technology and ingenuity, in fact it challenges old beliefs and is full of ingenious solutions. From its suspension to engine and from its hydrogen filled tires to dynamic control panel, there is nothing mediocre about this car. Where American, German and Italian supercars brag about aerodynamics, weight distribution and superiority of mid and rear mounted engine layout, GT-R does its talking on the track. Capability of reaching 60 miles from stand still in than 2.5 seconds with initial price tag of A� 60,000 makes it an unchallenged 21st century sports car.…

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Keeping Your Car in Tune is a Responsibility

Keeping Your Car in Tune is a Responsibility

Getting your first car, truly gives you an ecstatic feeling. Aside from the status symbol it projects for some, the luxury, the convenience, above all having your own car entails responsibilities beyond you as a driver and an owner. To keep your car in tune is a responsibility that extends beyond yourself. As a responsible car owner, how do you do this?

Ways To Keep Your Car In Tune

Keep your engine tuned up. Every 30,000 miles or every two years, a car has to have a major service on replacing new parts. The parts that are usually replaced are spark plugs, fuel filters, oil filters, air filter, distributor cap and fluids to name a common few. Check the belt, batteries and clutch for manually operated cars. You need to follow the schedule for check up with the user’s manual.

Check tires from time to time for proper inflation. Doing this can also keep your car in tune as an under inflation tire puts your engine hard work to push the vehicle. Misaligned tires also give hard work for the engine, so checking of tires matter and should be done twice a week and not just when the need arises.

Have your car air conditioner at its top shape. Doing this will be beneficial to the environment as air conditioning units, when leaked also emit CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons that could harm the ozone layer. A good and specialized technician should do the job, to ensure that during repairs and maintenance, the leaking of CFCs should be kept at minimum.

Always be gentle in driving and observe speed limits. In driving gently, you can keep your car in tune because; it keeps the speed as steady as possible. It is said that mileage can decrease sharply above 55 mph when speed limits are not observed.

Remove excess items and avoid excessive idling. Items that you put to your car like on the top of the roof could cause a drag. Heavy excessive items are known also to decrease mileage. And when one is waiting for someone at the parking lot may be, turn off the engine of your car; cars are designed nowadays to warm up easily.

In doing all these, you keep your car in tune. The benefits are greater because in keeping your engine tuned up, you get better fuel economy, you don’t burn more gas which may result to inefficiency later. It also requires less or few repairs if you keep your car in tune and it are environment friendly. The car will last longer and if you plan to sell it, it is at a higher resale value.…

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Surviving End-Of Year Car Sales

Surviving End-Of Year Car Sales

End of year car sales can be one of the best times to buy a new car. Dealerships have usually greatly reduced the price of current season cars to try get rid of them as quickly as possible and make room for next year’s models. However, there are a few things to remember before heading out in search for your new car.

Take someone reliable with you – like buying your first car, it can be easy to get carried away at car sales, so take someone with you to discuss things with, offer a second opinion, and help keep you grounded.

Read all terms and conditions thoroughly – You’ve probably heard it a thousand times before, but many people still don’t properly read through everything they sign, and end up getting charged for unnecessary extras and things they don’t really need. Avoid this by scrutinising all the fine print, and asking questions about anything you don’t understand or are unclear about.

Don’t get coaxed into something you don’t need by pushy salespeople – car dealers and dealerships are always trying to meet certain sales targets hence they should be able to offer you accessories that will enhance the ownership of your vehicle, from either a safety or convenience perspective. Don’t adopt a mindset that says “they are just trying to sell me” or “the sales guy is just looking for extra commission”. Good car dealers sell good products and have happy customers who recommend people to them and make subsequent purchases themselves. Remember that you are in control in any situation at a dealership, and are able to say no if you choose or walk away if you are being unnecessarily pressured. Choose your dealer before you choose your car to avoid issues.

Consider the best-selling and highest safety rated cars for the year – another benefit of buying cars towards the end of the year or financial year is that there will be guides and lists published detailing the most popular and highest rated cars for that year. Cars that made this year’s top-selling lists included old favourites like the Holden Commodore, Mitsubishi Lancer, and Ford Falcon. A quick online search will help you find your closest Holden or Mitsubishi dealer in Perth, Melbourne, or other major city.…

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Toyota May Revive the Supra

Toyota May Revive the Supra

The Toyota Supra is one of the best known Japanese sports cars ever made. Older Toyota Supra’s have become increasingly popular among tuners as their prices become more affordable. The Toyota Motor Company began production of the Supra back in 1979 and ended production in 2002. During this time the company produced four different generations of the supra. The last generation of the Supra was made available with both a naturally aspirated and a turbocharged engine, but the turbocharged variant was not available in some U.S. states because of their stricter regulations.

Surprisingly, the Toyota Motor Company let their trademark on the Supra name expire back in 2006. Even though the company is not currently producing the car, it seemed to be an odd decision to let such an iconic brand name expire. Recently Toyota has decided that letting the trademark expire was a bad decision and has decided to reapply for the trademark on the world famous Supra name. Does this mean that Toyota plans on reviving the Supra? It looks like this is a definite possibility for the future as Akio Toyoda, the president of Toyota Motor Corporation, has said that he would like to see production begin on a new Toyota Supra in the near future. This actually doesn’t come as a big surprise because Toyota has begun producing more sports cars under the Lexus brand name recently. These cars include the Lexus ISF sedan and the LFA supercar. It is no surprise that the company now wants to release a new sports car under the Toyota Motor Company brand name and the revival of the Supra is the perfect way to do this.…

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The History Behind the Successful Honda Civic Si

The History Behind the Successful Honda Civic Si

Honda has a reputation for producing cars of excellent quality for decades. One of these cars is the Honda Civic Si. This car has been on the market for nearly thirty years and has continued to reinvent itself each year in a better form than the last. It has come a long way since its first inception and continues to be one of the most popular models on the market.

The Hot Hatch

The Honda Si is referred to a “hot hatch” car because of its hatchback style. A hatchback is defined as having a “sloping back with a hinged rear door that opens upward.” Hatchbacks are similar to station wagons in their design. Another popular “hot hatch” is the Volkswagen Golf GTI. The two cars are in competition with each other today but Volkswagen was the first out of the gate. The first Volkswagen Golf was introduced to the market in 1976 and monopolized the competition until the Si came along a decade later.

Birth of the Civic Si

The automobile market was introduced to this classic Honda in 1985. Si is an acronym that stands for “sports injected.” The Si was seen as giving a much needed boost to the Honda Civic’s 1.5-liter engine. At the time of its inception, it was capable of achieving a horsepower of 91, which was previously unheard of. Honda was obviously making a statement with the Civic Si and many people stood up and took notice. They also came out with a new sub-brand of the Civic Si called the CRX, which was seen as the sportier model in that day.

Evolution of the Civic Si

In the late 1980’s, due to the runaway success of the Honda Civic Si, Honda took to rethinking their line of models. They remodeled the Civic Si, increasing its horsepower to 108 and giving it a 100 lb.-ft. torque. Honda was met with great success with this new model and upped the ante in 1992. They remodeled the Civic Si to give it more curves. This form of the Civic Si was now rounder and sleeker. Now known today as the EG hatch, it was met with a bit of skepticism in its early days that has now been replaced with a hindsight appreciation for its cool and vintage style.

The Current Day Honda Civic Si

Like all cars, this classic Honda has gone through a number of transformations. It went from the EG Hatch to the B-16 powered Civic Si in 1999, which was sold in the form of a coupe. In 2002 it was remodeled into its most distinct hatchback styling, leading some to believe it more resembled a minivan. Today, the car has gone back to its coupe style and is better than ever. The 2012 model has a 2.4-liter engine with 201 horsepower and 170 lb.-ft. of torque. It is a 5-occupant car that sits on 17-inch alloy wheels. Honda also has plans to come out with the Si in the form of a sedan, which would be the first of its kind.

The Honda Civic Si has come a long way since 1985. One thing does remain true, however. The Si continues to dominate and outshine its competition. It’s a car that knows how to impress and stay on the cutting edge of innovation. For more information please visit: …

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The Most Fuel-Efficient Non-Plug-In Cars in the Market for 2012

The Most Fuel-Efficient Non-Plug-In Cars in the Market for 2012

Fuel economy is one of the most important aspects that many car buyers are considering when they purchase their own vehicles. This is because having a fuel-efficient car allows you to earn a significant amount of savings given that the prices of gasoline and other types of fuel used on cars continue to increase. In case you are currently shopping for a new car to purchase and you are looking for a model that is capable of providing the best fuel economy ratings, try to check some of the most fuel-efficient non-plug-in cars in the market for 2012 such as the following.

1. Toyota Prius and Toyota Prius C

The most fuel efficient non-plug-in cars in the market as of the present are the Toyota Prius and the Toyota Prius C. These vehicles were able to take the top spot of the most fuel-efficient non-plug-in cars in the market for this year since both of the models obtained a combined fuel economy rating of 50 miles per gallon and no other car model in the market was able to beat this figure. The Prius has long been considered as the most fuel efficient model in its class so it is quite natural that the Prius C which is almost the same as the original version in all aspects to obtain a similar combined fuel economy rating.

2. Honda Civic Hybrid

The latest version of the Honda Civic Hybrid currently occupies the second spot of the most fuel-efficient non-plug-in car models sold in the market for this year. The Honda Civic Hybrid obtained the fuel economy ratings of 44 miles per gallon in the city, 44 miles per gallon on the highway, and 44 miles per gallon when combined. These ratings were only 6 miles per gallon short of what the Prius and the Prius C have obtained.

The Honda Civic Hybrid is powered by a 4-cylinder engine and a powerful electric motor. These power sources were basically the most significant reason why the Honda Civic Hybrid was able to run 44 miles in the city or highway by just consuming a gallon of fuel.

3. Lexus CT200 and Toyota Prius V and Honda Insight

The Lexus CT200, Honda Insight, and the larger Prius V emerged as the third most fuel-efficient non-plug-in cars for this year. Each of these models obtained a combined fuel economy rating of 42 miles per gallon. These vehicles are powered by hybrid engines and this was the main reason why they were able to obtain this particular rating.

Unfortunately the Prius V was not as fuel-efficient as the other two models and this was probably due to the fact that able to match the fuel economy ratings obtained by the other two Prius models since this version is larger and heavier.…

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The Treatment Any Car Dealership Should Give You

There are many car dealerships in the world. Therefore, you have a choice as a customer to deal with the one that gives you the classiest treatment. This following is a list of the ways that a dealership should treat you.

A Warm Welcome


The first thing you should get when you visit a Ford Williamsville NY dealership is a warm welcome. The sales associate or customer service representative should greet you with a smile and ask you how he or she can help you right away.

Prompt Service


You should never have to wait too long when you call on the phone or visit in person. There should always be someone available to talk to you about what you need and assist you with your purchase. You can always go elsewhere to shop. Therefore, you don’t have to deal with procrastination of any kind.

A Knowledgeable Shopping Experience


Your sales associate should be knowledgeable enough to understand what your needs are and try to fulfill them by matching you up with the perfect vehicle. All sales specialists have qualifying questions that they ask customers so that they can suggest the best options to them. For example, your sales associate might ask you what your budget is and the style of vehicle you want. This person should be knowledgeable enough not to try to convince you to buy a Mercedes SUV if you tell him that your budget is $15,000, and you’re looking for a small economy car.

Patient Transactions


Patience is a virtue that helps both parties in a vehicle purchase transaction. Your sales representative should be patient with you. This person should never try to force a quick decision or rush you to close just to make a sale. The result of that tactic might be that you end up unhappy with your purchase. Sales reps should work with you calmly and use their customer service skills to help you. Positive customer service efforts make up about 80 percent of all successful sales transactions.

Commitment to Your Happiness


A dealership should be committed to your happiness. Their main goal should be to ensure that you end up with a vehicle that you will love for many years. The dealership should be dedicated to taking the steps necessary to achieve that goal. Those steps include helping you find the right vehicle, discussing the trim levels and options and pushing to get you the finance deal that you need.

A Humble and Thankful Attitude


Lastly, the dealership should thank you for your patronage if you purchase something from them. They should never make you feel as though you’re lucky to have them. They’re lucky to have you. Without customers, dealerships have no income. They can’t thrive like that, and they must show you courtesy and appreciation that stresses the point. The treatment you receive should be the same when you leave as it was when you entered. The customer service efforts shouldn’t stop just because you closed a deal. That should only be the beginning.

Visit a Respectable Dealership ASAP


Now you know how you deserve to have a dealership treat you when you visit their establishment. Remember that as you search for a Ford Williamsville NY dealership to serve you. Look for dealerships that have ultra-high customer service ratings and positive input from the people in the community. Make sure that the dealership has an inventory that includes the vehicles that interest you. Schedule an appointment to test-drive vehicles that interest you when you’re done with your research.


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Concept Honda Civic Likely A Reality

Concept Honda Civic Likely A Reality

Honda does not do a good job with its concept cars. No, they are not design failures – rather, they usually are not truly concepts.

When Honda displays a concept vehicle at an auto show, visitors need to ask Honda show representatives if the car they are seeing will be built. Likely, the answer is yes as the vehicle you are looking at may already been green-lighted for production.

Concept Civic

At the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Honda revealed one such “concept” vehicle – the Honda Civic. Calling it a concept isn’t accurate – this model resembles the 2012 Honda Civic right down to the wheelwells.

But first, some Honda Civic history. This model was introduced as a subcompact to the US market in the early 1970s, the first Honda passenger vehicle sold in America. Always popular, the Honda Civic is a perennial top-five selling car for Honda, rivaling the Honda Accord in sales and competing directly against the Toyota Corolla.

Stronger Competition

Larger these days and now sold as a compact, the Civic is facing renewed competition from American and Asian automakers alike. Typically, the Civic is completely redesigned once every four or five years, but this latest generation model is hanging around for a sixth year. Credit Honda for taking into consideration what its competitors are offering, cars such as the Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Focus and Hyundia Elantra which have leapfrogged the Civic in technology and fuel efficiency.

On display at the NAIAS are conceptual versions of the ninth generation Honda Civic coupe and sedan. This vehicle retains much of the Civic design logic, but it also brings back a hybrid model. That hybrid will be powered by a lithium-ion battery, allowing the Civic to claim some of the highest fuel efficiency of any standard hybrid.

Design Language

From the exterior, the Civic concepts reveals the sedan’s and coupe’s smooth, yet striking lines with steeply raked windshields, broad posture and noticeable character lines along the side view. That lower character line on both vehicles widens toward the rear fenders to deepen the active impression of forward energy. In other words, the car looks to be ready to move when it is sitting still. Credit the Civic’s deeply recessed headlamps for adding to that mystique.

Inside, Honda promises to maintain the fit and finish and ease of use cabin layout that has long been a selling point for the Civic. Though the exterior reveals the direction for the 2012 Civic, Honda has held back on what the cabin will look like as well as what they will be doing under the hood.

Fuel Efficiency

The biggest challenge for Honda is responding to what its competitors are doing: offering one or more models capable of achieving 40 mpg on the highway, something which eludes the Civic. Indeed, the Hyundai Elantra threw the gauntlet down when its 2011 model was released – both manual and automatic versions get 29 mpg city, 40 mpg highway – much better than the Civic. The Cruze, too, has an ECO model which betters the Civic, getting 42 mpg on the highway.

Don’t expect Honda to roll over and play dead – the Japanese automaker is keeping some things close to the vest and may surprise us later in 2011 when the 2012 Honda Civic debuts. What won’t be a surprise is the vehicle’s exterior which is currently being showcased at auto shows across North America, representing the ninth generation compact Honda Civic coupe and sedan.…

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How to Craft a Killer Honda Civic For Sale Ad

How to Craft a Killer Honda Civic For Sale Ad

So you’re selling your Honda Civic. Maybe you’re getting a new one, or maybe you have one car too many (many Civic lovers collect them like baseball cards). Whatever the reason, you want to get the best . With a few guidelines, you can write an effective ad to get your Honda Civic for sale off the market and get money in your pocket.

What Channel Will You Use?

The first question to ask yourself is: where will you post your Honda Civic for sale? If people in your area use Craigslist, that’s a great tool, for many reasons:

o You can include more details than with a classified ad

o You can add photos

o People can email you about the car rather than calling

o Easy to search online

If you’re eBay savvy, consider selling your Civic there. You can reach a wider audience who is interested in Civics, and you may even find a buyer from across the country that is willing to come get the car. Thousands of people search for Honda Civics for sale on eBay, so you will have a better likelihood of getting a great price for it.

If you live in a small town where Internet is a foreign world, go with a traditional classified ad in your local newspaper.

Get Their Attention

Your ad, no matter what channel you use, has to get people’s attention. Don’t be wordy; say what you need to say and get to the point. In your ad include details on:

o Year and color of the Honda Civic for sale

o Price you’re asking

o Accessories you’ve added

o Mileage

o Any repairs it needs

o Photos

o Contact information

Write it with benefits. Make the reader want to buy your Honda Civic. Entice them with exciting words and appealing descriptions. If you’re using eBay, use a bold colored heading and bullet points to accent the features.

What Not to Do

While you don’t want to focus on the negatives, don’t leave them out completely. If your Honda Civic for sale needs a new transmission, you must disclose this. Otherwise, you waste your time and the buyer’s time when he comes out to look at the car only to find it in disrepair.

Selling Your Car

Make yourself available. Don’t post an ad when you’ll be out of town. Respond promptly to any and all inquiries, and schedule appointments to show your Honda Civic. Be honest with interested buyers and you’ll find the right one to buy your car from you.…