New Honda Hybrid Cars

New Honda Hybrid Cars

New Honda hybrid cars for 2010 include the Honda Civic Hybrid and the resurrected Honda Insight Hybrid in a more practical 4-door form. While gas/electric hybrids are relative newcomers to the automotive market, Honda set the pace for hybrids with the introduction of the original Honda Insight Hybrid in 1999.

New Honda Hybrid Cars: Civic Hybrid

The Honda Civic Hybrid was introduced in 2002 as a direct competitor to the Toyota Prius. The 2010 incarnation sports a 110-hp 1.3 liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine with Integrated Motor assist (IMA) and permanent-magnet electric motor. The theory behind Honda’s hybrids is simple; primary locomotion is provided by an under-powered, un-thirsty internal combustion engine. Additional power for better acceleration is made by a small electric motor that lies sandwiched between the engine and transmission.

The Honda Civic Hybrid features all the amenities of the decked-out EX model (sans moonroof) and adds several “goodies” unique to the hybrid. A CVT transmission, a unique 15″ alloy wheels, turn signals integrated into the outside rearview mirrors and automatic climate control are among the features reserved for this particular Honda hybrid car.

New Honda Hybrid Cars: Insight

I sold Hondas when the original Honda Insight was released. It generated quite a bit of showroom traffic but the majority of conversations went something like this:

“Hi; I’d like to see the new Honda Insight.”

“Sure, I have one on the showroom floor right over here.”

“Cool! Where’s the 4-door?”

“Actually, it’s only available as a 2-door.”


The 2010 Honda Insight (available only as a 4-door this time) share the same engine and transmission as the Civic Hybrid and has amenities that are similar as well as comparable fuel economy ratings at 40/43 (vs. Civic Hybrid’s 40/45 rating). Regardless of which of the new Honda hybrid cars tickles your fancy you can be assured that economy, durability and resale value will be rewards you will reap.

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