Most Influential Sports Cars From Japan

Most Influential Sports Cars From Japan

If we look at impressive automobiles coming out of Japan then the list would be endless and exhaustive, so it’s better to look at some remarkable performance machines instead. We have shortlisted 5 influential sports cars coming out of ‘Land of the Rising Sun’.

Starting the list with Toyota 2000GT:

Where 800GT couldn’t acquire any notable distinction in annals of history, its successor 2000GT became one of the most influential sports cars from Japan. Some 300 units of 2000GT were produced from 1967 to 1970 by Toyota and Yamaha, making them extremely novel. Surprisingly Toyota priced it at $7000, back in 1967; still no profit was made at this steep price. 2000GT remained a testament of ability rather opportunity and only paved way for future sports cars from Japanese marquee, both Supra and Celica are considered its successors.

Toyota Celica:

Since Celica’s legitimate predecessor is on this list so it’s only natural to expect Celica’s presence. Celica was introduced in 1971 and by 2006 its seven generations were launched. Toyota Celica engine used in its fifth generation turned out to be the most powerful one, producing 232 BHP in a car that was priced within A� 25,000. Last generation of Celica was priced and powered more economically, producing 187 BHP and charging less than A� 20,000. Reliability and efficiency of Toyota Celica engines makes them legendary and one of the most praised sports cars.

Nissan 240SX:

Well before the advent of Need For Speed series, the legend of tuned cars was already prevalent in Japan. Likes of Nissan 240SX, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Nissan Skyline had established their credibility as street racers with untapped potential. Though originally 240SX’s engine produced well below 200 BHP, it was tweaked and tuned with bigger exhausts, turbo and air vents to generate horsepower in range of 400 to 500; some tuned cars, Supras, could tap well over 800BHP.

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Nissan GT-R:

Godzilla’ from Japan has completely revolutionized the way world looks at sports cars. It has four proper seats, a boot, front mounted engine and bolder looks. But that doesn’t mean GT-R lacks technology and ingenuity, in fact it challenges old beliefs and is full of ingenious solutions. From its suspension to engine and from its hydrogen filled tires to dynamic control panel, there is nothing mediocre about this car. Where American, German and Italian supercars brag about aerodynamics, weight distribution and superiority of mid and rear mounted engine layout, GT-R does its talking on the track. Capability of reaching 60 miles from stand still in than 2.5 seconds with initial price tag of A� 60,000 makes it an unchallenged 21st century sports car.