Mobile Oil Change Business Model – How Do I Find New Business?

Mobile Oil Change Business Model – How Do I Find New Business?

Most folks who start new businesses believe that they need to do massive advertising to get started and thus, budget for a hug marketing and advertising blitz. Still, some businesses work on different efficiency models, and they must to make it all work. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you run a mobile oil change business and you are starting out with one oil change vehicle, in this case the last thing you would want to do is to use mass market advertising.

Why you ask, because if everyone calls you all at once, then you have to drive from call-to-call using up your time in traffic and boatloads of expensive fuel for your vehicle. What you really need is to establish a route, but since your service calls for any given client are spread out from one month to 3-5 month intervals, you need to sync your customers up to do the least amount of driving. You see, fleet accounts might have you do their vehicles every month, but those with personal cars every 3,000 miles which could be 3-5 months.

Do you need a big yellow page ad? No, I don’t recommend spending that cost, but you should have a one-line listing. So, how should you find business you ask? Well, we always did lots of direct sales, mostly fleets. And since our company was in and around the auto-service business, our family of franchises, we did a ton of networking and lead sharing. A one-man operator could do the same thing by forming an ad hoc leads club meeting once a week with other auto service businesses such as;

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Auto Detailers

Tow Truck operators

Auto Insurance adjustors

Motorhome Storage operators

Mobile Diesel Truck Mechanics

This especially works good for fleet business, and everyone who participates in the leads club ends up with more business by sharing and combining synergies you see? Now then, if you’d like to get more personal business and accounts to change the oil in personal vehicles then your best referrals will come from; word of mouth. Still, I recommend networking with chamber mixers, doing fundraisers for churches and clubs, and involving yourself in community based organizations.

Spending lots of money on advertising might not be the best way to play it or establish a strong book of customers along a series of high-profitable routes to keep busy and generate revenue. Please consider all this and think on it.