Mazda RX-7 Series – A Retrospective Look

Mazda RX-7 Series – A Retrospective Look

The RX7 model from the house of Mazda was introduced for the first time during the year 1978 and the production of the vehicle was stopped in the year 2002 after a massive production of about 811,634 units in total. The Mazda RX7 falls under the category of midsize sports cars. The vehicle was released as a predecessor to the Mazda RX3.

The base model of the RX7 features the twin rotor 1146cc Wankel rotary engine with front mid ship, providing the rear wheel drive. The base model RX7 was a sports coupe model built with the lightweight body style and compact rotary engine or the Wankel engine mounted behind the front axle.

The vehicle was offered as a two seat coupe in the states of America with optional rear seats in the countries of Australia, Japan and in the other countries of the world. The Mazda RX7 was in a list of ten best lists conducted by the Car and Driver magazine for five times.

The last model produced in the RX7 series was offered in three types of engines – the 1.3 liter 13B REW that produced 188 kilo watts of power, 1.3 liter 13B REW that produced 206 kilo watts of power and the 1.3 liter 13B REW that produced 195 kilo watts of power. The sports variant of RX7 was offered in both the 4-speed automatic and in the 5-speed manual transmissions.

The current generation RX7 models are offered in three different types – R model, the touring and the base model in the North American market. The touring model comes with the leather seats, Bose Acoustic Wave system and sunroof.

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