Luxury Cars You’re Bound to Love

Luxury Cars You’re Bound to Love

Luxury cars are the stuff dreams are made of. Illusive in reality for most but there are those lucky few who get to own one or many depending on their level of luck.

Whether the zeros in your bank account are reading before the decimal or after, you can still take a moment to dream about that perfect car. It can be more than fun looking into the high-end cars of today and imagining you’re in the driver’s seat.

For a relatively small $70,000 you can buy yourself The Nissan GT-R. When you compare this car with others, you will soon realize that it is well worth the money being spent. It’s a pretty good bargain to the well off.

One of the cars to compare The Nissan GT-R is the Porsche 911 turbo due to it’s excellent engine quality, capable of doing 0 to 60 in just 3.3 seconds among other things.

For more than ten years the BMW M3 had been classed at the top. And with the M3, the German manufacturer continues to maintain higher standards when compared to other cars.

Enhancements is what keeps the M3 at the top, one of which is the carbon fibre roof, one of its latest additions which, not only makes the car look more stunning than ever but also lightens up the overall weight on the road making it that bit dreamier to drive.

The Audi RS4 is a sports car lookalike and drive-a-like with its 420 horsepower coming from its powerful V8 engine.

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It’s a beautiful car to drive in with its futuristic, high tech gadgets and all. And is a great spend at roughly $60,000, compared to other cars in its class.

Your personal tastes and preferences will ultimately decide on which car you would choose to buy, but any of the ones mentioned would be a dream to own.