Keeping Your Car in Tune is a Responsibility

Keeping Your Car in Tune is a Responsibility

Getting your first car, truly gives you an ecstatic feeling. Aside from the status symbol it projects for some, the luxury, the convenience, above all having your own car entails responsibilities beyond you as a driver and an owner. To keep your car in tune is a responsibility that extends beyond yourself. As a responsible car owner, how do you do this?

Ways To Keep Your Car In Tune

Keep your engine tuned up. Every 30,000 miles or every two years, a car has to have a major service on replacing new parts. The parts that are usually replaced are spark plugs, fuel filters, oil filters, air filter, distributor cap and fluids to name a common few. Check the belt, batteries and clutch for manually operated cars. You need to follow the schedule for check up with the user’s manual.

Check tires from time to time for proper inflation. Doing this can also keep your car in tune as an under inflation tire puts your engine hard work to push the vehicle. Misaligned tires also give hard work for the engine, so checking of tires matter and should be done twice a week and not just when the need arises.

Have your car air conditioner at its top shape. Doing this will be beneficial to the environment as air conditioning units, when leaked also emit CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons that could harm the ozone layer. A good and specialized technician should do the job, to ensure that during repairs and maintenance, the leaking of CFCs should be kept at minimum.

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Always be gentle in driving and observe speed limits. In driving gently, you can keep your car in tune because; it keeps the speed as steady as possible. It is said that mileage can decrease sharply above 55 mph when speed limits are not observed.

Remove excess items and avoid excessive idling. Items that you put to your car like on the top of the roof could cause a drag. Heavy excessive items are known also to decrease mileage. And when one is waiting for someone at the parking lot may be, turn off the engine of your car; cars are designed nowadays to warm up easily.

In doing all these, you keep your car in tune. The benefits are greater because in keeping your engine tuned up, you get better fuel economy, you don’t burn more gas which may result to inefficiency later. It also requires less or few repairs if you keep your car in tune and it are environment friendly. The car will last longer and if you plan to sell it, it is at a higher resale value.