How to Craft a Killer Honda Civic For Sale Ad

How to Craft a Killer Honda Civic For Sale Ad

So you’re selling your Honda Civic. Maybe you’re getting a new one, or maybe you have one car too many (many Civic lovers collect them like baseball cards). Whatever the reason, you want to get the best . With a few guidelines, you can write an effective ad to get your Honda Civic for sale off the market and get money in your pocket.

What Channel Will You Use?

The first question to ask yourself is: where will you post your Honda Civic for sale? If people in your area use Craigslist, that’s a great tool, for many reasons:

o You can include more details than with a classified ad

o You can add photos

o People can email you about the car rather than calling

o Easy to search online

If you’re eBay savvy, consider selling your Civic there. You can reach a wider audience who is interested in Civics, and you may even find a buyer from across the country that is willing to come get the car. Thousands of people search for Honda Civics for sale on eBay, so you will have a better likelihood of getting a great price for it.

If you live in a small town where Internet is a foreign world, go with a traditional classified ad in your local newspaper.

Get Their Attention

Your ad, no matter what channel you use, has to get people’s attention. Don’t be wordy; say what you need to say and get to the point. In your ad include details on:

o Year and color of the Honda Civic for sale

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o Price you’re asking

o Accessories you’ve added

o Mileage

o Any repairs it needs

o Photos

o Contact information

Write it with benefits. Make the reader want to buy your Honda Civic. Entice them with exciting words and appealing descriptions. If you’re using eBay, use a bold colored heading and bullet points to accent the features.

What Not to Do

While you don’t want to focus on the negatives, don’t leave them out completely. If your Honda Civic for sale needs a new transmission, you must disclose this. Otherwise, you waste your time and the buyer’s time when he comes out to look at the car only to find it in disrepair.

Selling Your Car

Make yourself available. Don’t post an ad when you’ll be out of town. Respond promptly to any and all inquiries, and schedule appointments to show your Honda Civic. Be honest with interested buyers and you’ll find the right one to buy your car from you.