How to Conduct an Oil Change on a Honda Accord

How to Conduct an Oil Change on a Honda Accord

Doing an oil change yourself will not only save you money, but will teach you a valuable skill. Oil changes are only twenty dollars, but doing an oil change your self is drastically cheaper.

All you have to do is purchase a 4.5 quart of oil that reads 5W-20 oil. It is important that you purchase the correct oil for your Honda Accord, because it will help your car last longer. Make sure you have a wrench, oil filer wrench, oil drain and something that you can use to raise your vehicle.

First start your car and make sure the engine reaches normal on the temperature gauge, then shut the car off. What this does, is helps the oil run through your car easier.

After you have shut the car off, then go and open the hood. Once you have opened the hood, you then can remove the engine oil fill cap. The next step is to remove the oil from the car. So you then want to remove the oil drain bolt and washer from the lower portion of the engine. If the drain bolt and washer have been removed, then you can drain the oil into a pan.

Make sure the oil filter has been removed and all of the old oil has been removed. Once the last drop of old oil has leaked out, you then want to add the new oil. So put the drain bolt and washer back where they originally were and start pouring in the new oil.

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Once you have poured all of the fresh oil into your vehicle, check to see if there is any oil leaking anywhere. Start your car for a couple minutes then turn it off. After the car has been off for a several minutes, check to see the dipstick levels. If the levels are normal and you can’t see any leaking, you are then ready to reset the engine oil life.

Turn the ignition till it reaches on and then you can press the select/reset knob until you see the engine oil life indicator. The indicator will be blinking but it will reset to one hundred. Once you have seen one hundred, you have successful completed your own oil change.