Honda Civic – It’s an Attractive and Comfortable Car, Bags of Fun to Drive

Honda Civic – It’s an Attractive and Comfortable Car, Bags of Fun to Drive

The Honda Civic is a radically designed family hatchback which is built by one of the world’s most technologically innovative car makers. Despite this, Honda has a reputation for conservatism as its cars have traditionally appealed to older buyers, largely because the exterior design has typically been rather unadventurous. Not here though, as the Civic combines cutting-edge interior and exterior design with some great engines, excellent reliability and superb practicality. This latter point is largely down to a carrying capacity that’s much better than most key rivals, but the car’s popularity is also helped by the generous equipment levels.

It’s an attractive and comfortable car, bags of fun to drive, and it’s British-built. What more could you want?

Honda should be applauded for avoiding the temptation to tone down the Civic from their earlier concept designs.

The triangular foglights and exhausts, visor-like headlamps and racy, squat forward profile are all present and correct and give it a dramatic, purposeful poise.

Why should buyers of small cars like this be spared such vanities as folding mirrors, or stealthed rear door handles, which make the five door car look like a coupe?

HONDA CIVIC – Did you know?

The Civic accounts for around a third of Honda’s global sales, with the car having been produced in 11 countries and sold in 160.

When launched, the Civic had by far the biggest boot of any car in its class. Whereas the typical capacity was around 320 litres, the Civic could accommodate 485 litres

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While most petrol engines feature just one spark plug for each cylinder, the Civic 1.4 I-DSi powerplant features a pair of plugs for each cylinder

When unveiled, the eighth-generation Civic was awarded the highest ever pedestrian safety rating by EuroNCAP

Honda Civic – TYPES

Sep 2005: The eighth-generation Civic reached showrooms, with a choice of three engines. The entry-level car featured a 1.4-litre petrol engine (badged 1.4-DSI), while there was also a 1.8-VTEC unit. Diesel fans could opt for Honda’s excellent all-alloy 2.2-iCDTi unit.

Jan 2006: A new Civic IMA hybrid saloon was offered, but it didn’t feature the radical five-door hatch styling, even if the technology was more cutting-edge.

Jan 2007: A three-door Civic was introduced, in the shape of the Type S, which is fitted with a choice of 1.8 petrol or 2.2-litre diesel powerplants. There was also a high-spec edition introduced, called the GT.

Mar 2007: The Honda Civic Type R went on sale, using the same three-door bodyshell as the Type S, but with Honda’s fabulous, high-revving 2-litre VTEC petrol engine to give 198bhp. Once again, there was also a high-spec GT derivative offered.