Honda Civic: Honda’s Blue Eyed Boy

Honda Civic: Honda’s Blue Eyed Boy

One of the largest manufacturers of passenger cars, Honda of Japan is renowned all over the world for the superior quality and comfort of their cars. Honda cars have a reputation of being most reliable and are enjoyed by owners for a log time without any trouble. Honda civic is a golden boy from the stable of Honda. It was first manufactured in 1970 and has been a darling of the car owners for the last 40 years. It is a very fuel efficient and fashionable car from Honda. Honda have been known to produce cars that are high on performance and do not believe in unnecessary frills.

Honda Civic was one of the first hybrid cars of the world. With the price of gas increasing rampantly, it came as a breath of fresh air for the people. It is a very cost efficient car and reduces expense on transportation. Honda civic is a sports car that gives high fuel efficiency without compromising on a high performing engine. It is really fun to drive this car as it has an aerodynamic body that reduces friction to a minimum.

For those who want a stylish car without giving up on fuel efficiency and comfort, Honda Civic is got to be the first choice. As this car combines electric power with gas, it gives a better mileage which makes millions go for this beautiful car. Along with Honda accord, Civic has been ruling the roost for the last so many years. Civic had modest beginning as it was made fun of, on American roads as it appeared small in comparison to big cars. But very soon, it made a name for itself because of its features and unparallel comfort and economy.

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The time in the 70’s when there was a shortage of gas all around, Honda civic caught the fancy of the people as it was the most fuel efficient car around. It has been a loved car of the people since then for being a very reliable and fuel efficient car. It is a preferred hatchback of millions of families for all the comfort it provides to them. Not many people know it, but Civic is one model that accounts for almost a third of the total car sales made by Honda worldwide. Civic is perhaps one of the most comfortable cars when it comes to driving in city conditions and this explains the high number of cars sold all over the world every year.