Honda Civic Carbon Fiber Hoods

Honda Civic Carbon Fiber Hoods

The Honda Civic 92-95 is a great car, so any choices, Hatch Back, Ferio, Coupe, a huge variety of engine swaps. Make your FWD beast a killer civic with a SEIBON carbon hood or a carbon trunk. Many stores sell cf hatches for the civic EG hatch back, upper and lower.

Long gone are the day or crazy body kits, huge front bumpers, wild side skirts and aggressive rear bumpers, but SEIBON carbon fiber hoods seems to have made it’s permanent mark in the automotive scene, now OEM manufacturers are adopting the use of carbon components throughout their cars. The Civic EG 92-95 looks great with a carbon lip, carbon oem hood and carbon fiber hatch. You can even go to the extreme with cf fenders and doors.

There are too many hoods to list, but they range in styles, from light weight OEM to vented styles. Many vented styles EVO, VSII, Invader and more.

Definitely check out Google’s Civic section if you own a 92-95 Civic, you can find rare carbon kevlar hoods and other parts which look awesome on a black or bronze Honda Civic. Some websites have a massive selection of composite parts, including hoods, fenders, body kits, lips, side skirts and even hatches.

The insane amount of after-market parts available for the Honda Civic EG makes part hunting almost impossible without a website that offers good navigation. Many automotive websites offer just that, excellent product navigation for the Honda Civic 92-95 EG, sortable by categories like Honda Civic Carbon Fiber Hoods.

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Import tuners are very happy when they purchase SEIBON carbon fiber hoods, it’s a very popular brand with great quality. SEIBON is an excellent choice, especially for the Honda Civic 92-95. VIS Racing Sports also has quite a large selection of hoods, fenders and trunks for the same car, so it’s definitely worth the time to browse their large selection of products on eBay as well as AIT racing parts. If you can’t find the Honda Civic part you’re looking for then perhaps a company can custom make it for you.

You’re probably seen these products on many website like autobuzz back in the day or 935draggers, you can also see them on many of the popular automotive car show websites featuring the pictures from Hot Import Nights or other shows here in Southern California or Florida.