Fast Import Hot Rods From Toyota And Nissan

Fast Import Hot Rods From Toyota And Nissan

For those of us who like to live life in the fast lane; a sweet sports car is a must. Family sedans may be practical and efficient cars might save you a few bucks at the gas pump but they can’t give you that raw power and excitement that you get from maneuvering a powerful vehicle. It’s about not caring about how much gas costs or about how large your trunk space is; it’s about the pure thrill and excitement of driving. Take a look at our pick of two amazing fast cars from Nissan and Toyota.

One of the fastest cars on the market is the 2011 Nissan GTR. It’s also known as the “Gran Turismo Racer”. On the exterior this ride is sporty, aggressive, bold and very eye catching. It is well equipped with a super powerful 3.8 Liter six cylinder engine which outputs an intense 434 horsepower; this beast of a car can reach intense speeds of up to 193 miles per hour.

You normally don’t think of Nissan’s as super fast cars but this one can compete with the best of the exotic cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche when it comes to pure speed. It can go from zero to sixty mph in just 3.3 seconds! That’s faster than a lot of exotic cars that exorbitantly expensive and cost hundred thousands of dollars. Gas mileage isn’t too great at 15 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the freeway but that is to be expected of a vehicle with an emphasis on sportiness.

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Take a look inside the car and you will find seats covered in luxurious rich leather, a hard drive to house all of your favorite tunes and the ability to plug in your Ipod or any other music player. Trunk space is a bit on the small ride with 8.8 cubic feet but that’s not too bad for a high performance sports car. Pricing starts at around the late $62k range.

Another hot car that is sure to set the automotive industry on fire once it debuts is the F-86 sports coupe manufactured by Toyota. It will be built by Toyota but utilize the Subaru platform. The engine is expected to put out anywhere between 200 and 250 HP although definite numbers have not been officially released yet. In contrast with the luxury GT-R sports car, the FT-86 will be much more affordable and a more realistic purchase for the majority of automotive buyers with a price tag of around $23k for the base model.

As of the moment Toyota does not have a hot rod sports car in its lineup and it hopes that the F-86 can fill that void. Toyota has not released an official release date yet but we are sure that the auto maker will make big waves once it sets a date.