Buying a Used Honda Civic Hatchback – Online Or in Person?

Buying a Used Honda Civic Hatchback – Online Or in Person?

If you’re a fan of the many models of Honda Civic hatchbacks that have been released over the past 16 or so years, you’ve got a ton to choose from both online and in person. You can virtually take your pick of color, year and style if you know where to look.

Start Locally

Car Dealerships

The easiest thing to do in hunting for your hatchback is check local car dealerships. You may have to call around, as some of the Honda Civic hatchbacks, like the Si, are hard to find. Ask your local new and used car dealerships to keep an eye out for the make and model you’re looking for, and to call you if they find one.

Some dealerships have relationships with car dealers in other cities or states. Ask if your local dealer can help you locate the particular model you are seeking.

Individual Sellers

Not finding what you’re seeking with the dealerships?Look to individual sellers. Check classified ads in your newspaper as well as message boards at your local car parts stores. See if your city has a group for Honda Civic hatchback enthusiasts or just car lovers in general. This is a great way to network, and it may help you find the perfect hatchback through word of mouth.

Local tips

Do your research. You’re looking for a rare car, so it will take some time.

o Make friends. – Connect with people who love the type of car you are looking to buy. They know people that might be able to help you.

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o Ask a mechanic. – Chances are, if there’s a Honda Civic hatchback in town, he has worked on it. Or owns one.

o Check nearby towns. – Even driving just 30 miles gets you a new market where your next car might be waiting.

Looking Online – Craigslist

If your local search didn’t net you the Honda Civic hatchback of your dreams, keep looking. Craigslist is a great place for online classified ads for cars. If you’re willing to travel any distance to find the car, search different cities.

Craigslist postings.

Consider posting an ad looking for the particular year model of hatchback you’re seeking.

Online Forums and Blogs

Honda Civic hatchback lovers stick together. You can find them online in forums and blogs. Connect with car enthusiasts, and put the word out that you’re looking for a car. They’ll help spread the word virally.


EBay’s car selling section is chock full of Honda Civic hatchbacks, so take your pick. If you’re willing to travel, you’ll have more to choose from.