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2006 Honda Civic

2006 Honda Civic

Being around since 1973 says a lot for a car model, especially being of foreign origin and competing in one of the most popular car categories. The 2006 Honda Civic holds true to the basic blue print that the Honda motor company has been using for decades now. It is one of the most fuel efficient cars available, has a solid suspension, superb handling characteristics, and actually is rather comfortable for drivers and passengers. On top of all that the car is more environmentally friendly than ever and remains one of the best choices for consumers looking for a small used car.

If you need something that will keep going and going, don’t just let the energizer bunny come to mind. The Civic is known for it’s ability to last for hundreds of thousands of miles. That is due to Honda’s ability to make sturdy, well engineered vehicles of the highest quality possible. Both sedan and coupe body styles are available in a great selection of trim packages. Trim available include the DX, LX, EX, EX-L, and Si. Also for sedan models there is a DX value package, and a hybrid engine available.

DX models really are basic and come with few or no power accessories, no AC, a basic AM/FM stereo and just a few other optional features. The DX value package does offer a few amenities but still lacks a lot of the higher models features. LX models come with basic power accessories like windows and locks, but not remote keyless entry. EX models are the average trim packages that offer full power accessories, CD players, AC, a great selection of interior fabrics and other optional features. The EX-L offers a great high-end experience offering full power accessories, a great stereo system with CD changer, leather upholstery, leather steering wheels, and larger wheels. Finally there is the Si which mixes luxury and sports tuned suspension. Si models are meant for great highway performance and actually come at a relatively inexpensive price.

The engine that comes on most 2006 Honda Civic models is a 2.8 liter 4 cylinder that gives 1240 horsepower. Standard on these cars is a five speed manual transmission with an optional five speed automatic being offered. The Si model comes with a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine that gives an upgraded horsepower of 197 hp. The Si also comes with a close ratio six speed manual transmission that allows for optimum performance capabilities. There is also the hybrid engine that combines an electric motor with a gasoline powered one that gets between 40 mpg city and 45 mpg highway. The other gasoline engines still get great gas mileage ranging in the low to mid 30 mpg area.

Compared with competitors from Hyundai and domestic cars like the Cobalt and Fusion, the Civic has superb handling that at best is comparable from the competition. This is because of the unique suspension that delivers nimble handling with one of the most solid ride qualities on the market. The larger Accord also offers the same industry leading suspension tuning.

Consumers looking for a small car really can’t go wrong with a 2006 Honda Civic. They offer the best fuel economy and come in a great selection of trim packages and body styles. The only negative aspect may be choosing from the wide assortment on the market.…

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A New Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback – For Families!

A New Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback – For Families!

The New Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback GS2 is a available now for families. The car is equipped like a minivan, but it is a smaller, but has the same amount of room as a minivan. Families who have bought this car are so satisfied that they can still be stylish, but can take the whole family out in this spacious car. It is also spacious by the way that the passengers in the back have a lot more room to stretch out there legs. Even a tall person is able to sit in the backseat without worrying about there legs getting cramped in this car.

New Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback GS2 is good on fuel. So a person who travels a lot in this car doesn’t haven’t to worry about stopping in between trips and getting gas. It is a 42.5 miles per gallon car. So the consumer will save a lot of money by investing in this car. The difference between this new and improved car and all the other cars on the market is that this car will not run hot on the person who is driving. The car will light up and let you know when more fluid is needed.

The New Mitsubishi has airbags on the side, driver side, and by the knee of the driver. The passengers in the back will be safe as well. There are airbags that deploy as well when anything hits the car from the front or the side. So the driver and the passengers can safely drive down a road or highway and not worry about getting injured in an accident. Unlike most cars, which only have the airbag in the front for the passenger and driver. The passengers in the backseat were considered when making this car. It out performed when a crash test was done on this car.

New Mitsubishi offers many other features, such as air-conditioning, cruise control, and an ipod, to play music. The car comes in a variety of colors, such as red, silver, and blue, and black. In the wintertime, the driver and the passengers don’t have to worry about getting cold while travelling because the seats are heated and the windows are weather-proof. Also, what sets this car off from other cars is that the wheels were made to be very durable, meaning in an accident, the car will stay on the ground. The Lancer out beat other cars overall.…

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Options To Lower Your Ride

Options To Lower Your Ride

Reducing the height of your car is a great way to attain better style but it can also offer significant improvements when it comes to overall performance. In fact, these are just two main reasons why several owners wish to lower their cars these days. There are several parts to choose from that will let you lower your car according to your desired height. It helps to learn more about each and every part you encounter before actually deciding to make a purchase. In this manner, you can make sure that the ones you get will indeed bring you the improvements you are searching for.

Whenever you purchase a brand new car, it is quite common to find it equipped with OEM suspension parts, not unless you opt for them to be changed before buying. However, doing so will certainly affect the price tag. On the other hand, you can always try to lower your ride despite only having your stock struts and shocks but it is rather wise to consider other options available. The reason for this is that your OEM parts might not handle the amount of stress it could get from lowering your car.

There are basically two options available to lower your car. One is by buying the suspension components individually namely struts, shocks, and lowering springs. If you are on a tight budget but still would want to get your car lowered, this is the best option to take. However, you have to make sure that you get the exact measurement for each part you are planning to purchase or else you might find yourself spending more than you would expect.

The second option you might want to consider is to purchase a good set of coilovers. One of the best features that this combination of a shock absorber and a coil spring unit has is adjustability. Finding the right one for your ride is not that difficult and all you need to do is to base your choice on the model and make of your car like for example vw coilovers for Volkswagens or perhaps rsx coilovers if you happen to own a Honda Civic.

The best thing to do to lower your ride without having to compromise safety is to consider purchasing performance suspension parts such as coilovers from the most reliable aftermarket retailers. You can find them just about anywhere these days and the internet is also a good place to do your search. Albeit, coil overs may seem to be a hefty choice, the benefits you can get will surely speak for its price.…

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Predicted Car Reliability 2011 – Consumer Reports’ Top 10 Small Cars

Predicted Car Reliability 2011 – Consumer Reports’ Top 10 Small Cars

Yearly Consumer Reports predicts the short-term reliability of motor vehicle models for the new model year. This predicted reliability is based on the infrequency of serious problems in the three preceding model years, as reported in a survey of its subscribers.

When data are lacking or insufficient for one or more model years, the predicted short-term reliability is based on fewer than the last three model years. In some instances, it is based on only one year – primarily when a model is new or newly redesigned.

By the reliability predictions for model year 2011, CR’s Top Ten small cars are listed below. The list omits all models whose reliability prediction is based on only one year.

Consumer Reports’ Top 10 Small Cars

The Toyota Yaris, a sedan or 2-door or 4-door hatchback

The Honda Fit, a 4-door hatchback

Toyota Motor Corporation’s Scion xD, a 4-door hatchback

The Honda Civic coupe

The Honda Civic sedan

Toyota’s Scion xB, a boxy wagon

The non-turbo Subaru Impreza, a sedan or wagon

The Mazda3 sedan

The Toyota Corolla, a sedan

The Hyundai Elantra wagon

CR’s next 5 are also of noteworthy reliability. They are:

The Toyota Matrix, a wagon

The Mazda3 hatchback

The Nissan Sentra

The Suzuki SX4, a sedan, a 4-door hatchback or wagon

The Ford Focus sedan.

Of the Top 10, Toyota Motor Corporation accounts for 4, Honda Motor Company for 3, and Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (Subaru), Mazda Motor Corporation, and Hyundai Motor Company each account for one.

Below are the 2010 Auto Reliability GPAs, based on last year’s survey, of the above best. In most instances, the GPAs are based on more than the three most-recent model years, and may be a preferable guide for those consumers planning an intermediate- or long-term ownership.

Toyota Yaris/Echo: a perfect 4.00 over a 9-year data history

Honda Fit: 4.00 over 3 years

Scion xD: 4.00 over 2 years

Honda Civic coupe: N/A

Honda Civic sedan: 3.75 over 10 years

Scion xB: 3.78 over 5 years

Non-turbo Subaru wagon: 3.02 over 9 years

Mazda3 sedan: 3.33 over 6 years

Toyota Corolla: 3.81 over 10 years

Hyundai Elantra sedan and wagon: 2.38 over 10 years

Toyota Matrix: 3.40 over 7 years

Mazda3 hatchback: N/A

Nissan Sentra: 2.00 over 9 years

Suzuki SX4: 3.00 over 2 years

Ford Focus sedan: 2.38 over 10 years.

Consumer Reports’ 2010 survey provides data on 1.3 million vehicles. As it queries for serious problems, it is highly regarded by many consumers who plan to purchase a used, as well as new, vehicle. Reliability ratings for used cars based on its 2010 survey will out in very late 2010 and early and mid 2011, if past publication history holds in the present.

CR’s current predictions of short-term reliability for model year 2011 are based on model years 2008, 2009, and 2010.…

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The New Mitsubishi Colt – Economic & Safe

The New Mitsubishi Colt – Economic & Safe

The New Mitsubishi Colt is one of the most economic cars on the market because the person who purchases it will have low monthly payments. The payments start as low as $99 a month and the car itself is less than $10,000. The Colt has a low APR of 8.9 percent, which is a steal compared to what other APRs are for other makes and models. On the bright side, the car will be paid out in three years with on-time payments. There are options, if needed, for refinancing. When buying the Colt, there are many features available that other cars don’t offer.

New Mitsubishi Colt has a child-seat mountings, so the child is safely placed in the car the correct way. In a car accident, the child won’t be harmed in any way. The Colt offers electric window heating, so the driver and passengers are warm during the winters months. It has Auto Stop and Go for when the car is stationed. It will go or stop all by itself. The car also will stop by itself, if the car feels it is in any danger, such as an accident. So the buyer of this car doesn’t have to worry about the car flying down the road because it will stop.

The New Mitsubishi Colt has a 55 miles per gallon consumption, so it won’t need to be refilled with gas if a person is going to be traveling a little over an hour. Most smaller cars are good on gas. So that is an added benefit. Another benefit is that the Colt can be locked and opened from a long distance. The keyless car is safe because it enables the driver to get in and out of the car easily without having to look for the key, especially at night. The Colt also come with the option of using the CD player or Ipod to listen to music.

New Mitsubishi Colt is comparable to the Lancer, but with added benefits. It hugs the road like any other car. It has a lot of room on the inside, but it is able to fit into tight parking spaces. The car is also tip-proof, as well as having emergency stopping. The engine is equipped to become immobolised if there is an emergency. So driving this car is very safe, comfortable, and reliable. It also comes in a range of colors for the new buyer to choose from.…

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Advantages of a Coilover Suspension Setup For a Honda

Advantages of a Coilover Suspension Setup For a Honda

Maintaining control through varied surfaces and improving responsiveness are a driver’s main expectations when they step into a vehicle. Customers require a long service life, so the durability of the components must be greater than the cycling fatigue of continuous driving. Coilover suspension systems have become popular among car enthusiasts due to its better handling and adjustability features. Drivers can tune them to have a high precision responsive feel and to gain high handling performance. Replacing the stock suspension system with proper coilover suspension unit has many advantages. The fact that coilovers were originally designed for race cars in order to tweak suspension height and dampening settings, explains their popularity. Honda coilovers are available as single units rather than separate parts making them easy to handle and install.

Honda coilover suspension is lighter and more compact when compared to other suspension systems, reducing the unsprung weight. They allow room for large wheels to be installed due to availability of greater space and also more settings for negative camber, this is particularly important for Honda’s. Another fact that makes this suspension perfect is the ability to select your own spring length and spring rate to fine tune the chassis for type of driving that suits the driver. Tuning it properly can greatly reduce understeering problems. Coilovers allow the driver to adjust the ride height according to his needs with more than fifteen settings in some models. This helps extensively in motorsports like drag racing and drifting giving drivers phenomenal grip on track. In off-road racing multi spring setups can be used in which a helper spring is fitted along with the primary spring. The much light helper spring ensures the stability of primary spring and plays its part during aggressive cornering or jumps which causes full droop. Some coilovers have remote oil reservoirs providing easy accessibility for adjustments and saving driver the pain of jacking up the car.

Cost remains one of the major factors for its popularity. Honda coilovers can be cheap and can be bought for less than $500 for basic units up to $5000 for high performance units. More importantly if any part of the unit gets damaged, it can be replaced easily and cheap. Apart from all the other advantages, the fact that makes it so popular mostly among car enthusiast remains the extensive adjustability.…

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Toyota Supra – An Overview

Toyota Supra – An Overview

The Toyota Supra is a type of sports car and grand tourer that was originally produced by the Toyota Motor Company from the years of 1979 to 2002, making it one of the older models with the longest value of production in the Toyota line. The style was originally derived from one of its predecessors, the Toyota Celica; however, it was specifically fashioned to be both wider and longer so that it would be a sturdier car than the Toyota Celica. However, the designers were able to maintain the original speed in the vehicle, despite its larger size than its cousin, the Toyota Celica.

During its 3rd generation starting in the middle of 1986, the Toyota Supra MKIII, the Supra became its own model, no longer based off the previous model, the Celica. As a result of this, there was no longer the prefix “Celica” and became, simply the Supra. However, due to the similarity it is often mistaken with the Toyota Celica and vice versa.

The Toyota Supra also traces many of its roots back to the Toyota 2000GT with the original insistence of the 2000GT being the motor used for the car. During the first three generations of the line, a direct descendent engine of the Toyota 2000GT, the M engine was used. All four of the Toyota Supra’s have sported and produced an incline 6 cylinder engine with most of the engine specs being almost identical except for a few choice technological innovations. The aspects of the interior have also been quite similar through all four generations. The engine is relatively powerful, but lacks a certain get up to the acceleration. However, this is made up for in luxury as well as overall power.

This particular car also gained its own logo after it broke out from the shadow of the Toyota Celica. However, it did derive from the original Celica logo; it still remains somewhat unique, as the car was proven unique. The logo looks very similar to the Celica logo, but it is blue instead of being orange and has several other altercations to it. This logo was used until around 1986 during the second generation right before the Toyota Supra MKIII was released. A brand new logo came along with this new title. It was similar in size but has orange writing and a reddish background and did not have the dragon design as it formerly did. This logo was used on the Toyota Supra until around 1991 when it was switched to the current logo, which is in the shape of a oval.

Toyota discontinued the sale in 1999 and officially stopped production in 2002 in Japan. The Toyota Supra is an iconic sports car that has been used in numerous video games and movies for its look as well as its notoriety for power and speed.…

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RV Delamination: Steps You Can Take To Prevent It

Be it the impact of Hollywood movies or just some great travelogues, and the RV van has gradually become a dream of every traveler who is always eager to hit the road and enjoy the life of a digital nomad. That is, RV vans are very close to their owner’s heart. A simple dent or damaged roof can be a nightmare for an RV owner. And when it comes to issues like RV Delamination, well, it can snatch away the peace of mind.

Here we will discuss how you can prevent the delamination from making it long-lasting.

Protect Your RV from Delamination

If you are looking for some mysterious secret that will prevent the delamination and help it to last long, then extremely sorry to burst your bubble. Let’s get realistic; the lamination is not going to last forever. But by taking precautions, you can prevent a major defect. Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Inspect your RV just after any change in weather or temperature. Check it after major calamities like heavy rain and storms.
  • Check if there is any water leakage.
  • If you spot any kind of damage, repair it quickly with proper tools and materials.
  • There are some other techniques to prevent RV delamination, but the basics are simple.
  • Routine checkup and Maintenance.

Inspection of RV Delamination

As we discussed earlier, the basic thing you can do is to inspect your RV in the first place for any kind of mild delamination. You can do it on your own or hire professionals who know RV servicing. Now it is better to spend some buck upfront to avoid the lump sum expense of laminating the whole RV. Check these early signs:

  • Cracks
  • Ripples
  • Bubbles
  • Creases
  • Hollow sounds
  • Water damage
  • Tears
  • Sponginess

RV Delamination Repair

Once you have done the initial inspection part and found damage or delamination, now it is the time to repair it. But always remember that your RV may act as your second home while traveling, but it is way different from a general home.

If you have the knowledge needed to repair your RV, you can do it yourself at home with the required tools and materials and fix it. But experimenting with all these is not recommended. It is better to call an expert or contact an RV renovation firm that has the expertise in repairing the delamination.

Protect Your RV From Different Causes

The delamination can take place for two reasons, natural and unnatural. Unnatural causes like an accident or something like that can be avoided by careful driving. Water leakage is another reason for delamination. Seal every joint at least once every five years.

If any natural issues occur, like falling a branch or stone on the RV, you can try to invest in a sturdy RV cover to prevent delamination. We cannot control the external factors. So, keeping your RV away from trees can be an alternative.


Delamination begins as a small scratch or gap and then starts to spread outward. Stop the crack before time, and get it repaired by spending a few bucks.