2011 Honda Civic

2011 Honda Civic

If you are really looking for an affordable as well as quality car that will last over 10 years without any major issue, you may see no farther than the 2011 Honda Civic. This new car finds some good competition with the Toyota Corolla as well as Nissan Sentra. However, Civic has its own class of loyal customers who vow by its quality. The 2011 Honda Civic comes in the Coupe as well as Sedan Style.

The Coupe may not be suitable for a family drive, but is less expensive and suitable for the college students. The Sedan, suitable for the family members comes in different models with LX model offering a large number of automatic options. The Si Model is more sporty and has higher gas power.

Honda Civic is great for the mileage. With the gas prices going to hover around $4 per gallon, in not so distant future, Honda Civic makes and interesting financial buy. In the long run it will save money on fuel cost. Besides Corolla, the 2011 Mazda and the 2011 Ford Focus are other competitive cars that you may like to research before taking any buying decision. The Ford Focus, has especially improved its quality tremendously in the recent years and is not at par with the Toyota and Honda, at least to some extent.

Honda Civic is a front wheel drive car. The Automatic and the Manual Transmission versions are available, though the one with Manual Transmission is less expensive. Most people are however, going to opt for the Automatic transmission version. If you are however, looking for a more power and bigger car, you may like to check out the 2011 Honda Accord or the Toyota Camry. Both these cars have a history of great quality and many are still found on road even after crossing 200,000 miles.

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