2009 Honda Civic – A Car For Everyone

2009 Honda Civic – A Car For Everyone

The 2009 Honda Civic is Honda’s golden boy. It is fuel efficient, high performing and very fashionable. With so much competition out there Honda definitely had to introduce something wonderful. The 2009 Honda Civic is the answer to the intense competition. With its new style mirroring the 2006 Honda Civic, this car is destined for success. The interior and exterior are full of features ready to take Honda into the next era. Classic, yet innovative is what makes this model different from the others as well as different from its rivals. The headlights,taillights and grille have taken on a new design. The steering wheel now has a new design sleek and sporty enough to spark up a conversation as soon as your passenger enters the car.

The 2009 Civic also has great fuel economy like many Honda models. The performance for this Honda Civic is a a high level with a lot of horsepower from a much smaller engine. If you were more interested in a Hybrid, the upgrade would be no problem and would save you even more money as well as fuel. You would be upgraded to a Continuously Variable Transmission. Your horsepower would not change and you will still get the most power from your car. The new design inside and out gives you a low total of maintenance for the car over its lifetime. Bluetooth navigation is also included in the 2009 Honda Civic. A hands free program is also available allowing you to control various aspects of the car through Bluetooth capability.

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The comfort of the 2009 Honda Civic is something to pay attention too as well. With heated leather seats and LCD dashboard monitors, luxury is available at an affordable price. Comfortable, plush seating and redesigned magazine holders are also featured in this model. The rear doors are oversized for easier access to the backseat, perfect for those car owners with children. The new redesigned Honda Civic is filled with new and exciting changes and installments as well as classic Honda design mirroring the 2006 Honda Civic which was a best-seller. The trunk is spacious and the interior well designed and spacious as well. This an affordable luxury perfect for families and and upwardly mobile professionals also.

When you upgrade to Hybrid model, you are receiving luxury and eco responsibility. Another important aspect to the Hybrid is how much money you will be saving on costly fuel. In the Hybrid model, the dashboard has all the system’s functions and information about the status of the car’s energy. This version is excellent for commuting around the city and traveling out of town. Any model of the 2009 Civic will provide exactly what the owner desires whether it is speed, performance, eco-friendliness, fuel efficiency, luxury and family friendliness.