2007 Honda Civic

2007 Honda Civic

Again, the Honda Civic sets the standard in the small car class and is offered in such a wide variety of packages that it may just be the most customizable car as well. The 2007 Honda Civic has superb fuel consumption rates throughout all of the different types of engines available. The engines aren’t just meant for great gas consumption, they actually offer a great deal of power and performance capabilities as well. One important aspect of this year is the inclusion of the Si sports package for sedan models as well. Like the Accord there are questions regarding the instrument panel cluster and its ease of use.

Honda has been reveling in its success with the Civic for decades now, and for good reason. Trim packages available include the DX, LX, EX, GX and Si. It is important to note that each of these configurations (except the basic DX) come with different available engines with either coupes or sedan body styles. Basic DX models were developed for those who really are on a budget. They offer enough amenities to make it a modern vehicle such as power windows, height adjustable driver seats, and a basic stereo system. Those who can afford and want a little more will probably be better suited with an LX model. While these aren’t luxury packages by any means they offer creature comforts like 16 inch alloy wheels, CD/MP3 players, remote door locks, full power accessories, and a few more optional items.

The EX package is the top of the line luxury model (excluding sport and performance models) and offers just about everything consumers could imagine. Those who are interested in something slightly more sporty, stylish, or environmentally friendly still have options as well. GX models run of natural gas and have the same features as the standard LX models, and can be upgraded in a variety of ways. Those who want a sporty car can opt for the Si which also comes with an optional hybrid engine, though it lacks the power of the traditional gas engine.

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Engines available include the smaller 1.8 four cylinder engine with a horsepower output of 140 and 128 pound feet of torque. There is a give speed manual transmission as standard equipment and a five speed automatic as an optional enhancement (if drivers view it that way). The natural gas engine is also 1.8 liters and has a horsepower output of 113. Si models come with a 2.0 liter engine that puts out 197 horsepower and comes with a amazing six speed manual transmission that has a limited slip front differential that truly improves overall performance.

Fuel economy is where the 2007 Honda Civic really pulls away from the pack. City to highway ratios for mpg used range from 30/40 to an incredible 49/51. Though the small car class is getting tougher to compete in with all the foreign and domestic models, the Civic is able to remain one of the class leaders in just about every category. Interior design is rather nifty as well with a very modern look that is moderately comfortable for long trips as well.

Overall, the Civic offers something for people who are on a budget or those who need a small car that can really perform. Customers must not overlook this model when looking for their next car.