2002 Honda Civic

2002 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic has long been the industry leader in the small or compact car market. First introduced in the 1970’s it also remains one of the most popular vehicles as well. The 2002 Honda Civic is quite different from it’s predecessors and is available with a gas electric hybrid model that gives added fuel economy while making it one of the most environmentally friendly cars. Other new features for the ’02 model year include the addition of a hatchback option along with the standard coupes and sedans Honda has always provided in years past.

Trim packages available include the DX, LX, and high end EX level. All of these packages are available on both sedan and coupe body styles. The HX model is also a newcomer to the Civic fleet and is provided as a fuel efficient vehicle with a few tweaks than the standard models. DX models come with full power accessories, radio/stereos with 4 speakers, and a few other optional items. Most DX models are rather basic and come with the smaller engine as standard equipment. The mid-level package is the LX which comes with a few more creature comforts than DX models, including full power accessories, AC, CD players, power adjustable driver seats, sun roofs, and some other optional features. At the luxury end level are the EX trim packages. Every EX comes with full power accessories, larger stereo systems with more speakers, full leather upholstery, CD changers, and optional navigation systems.

Consumers looking for something more fuel efficient will have to consider the hybrid model, HX, or Si. The new hatchback model is the Si which only has 2 doors and is an entire 9 inches shorter than any other 2002 Honda Civic. The fuel efficient HX coupe model comes with a continuously variable transmission that adjust the gear ratios so that optimal gas consumption is achieved in all driving situations. Of course there is also the hybrid model option that does lose a little bit of horsepower, but gains dramatically in the fuel consumption area.

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Engines available for these cars include the standard 1.7 liter 4 cylinder engine that comes with a standard 5 speed manual transmission or an optional automatic. Si models use a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine that puts out 160 horsepower. All Si models come equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission with no option for an automatic. Hybrid models come with a 85 horsepower gasoline engine with an extra 93 horsepower coming from the electric motor. Hybrid 2002 Honda Civic models get between 46 mpg city and 51 mpg highway. Gasoline powered models get EPA fuel economies of 30 mpg city and 36 mpg highway, making them some of the most fuel efficient cars of the ’02 model year.

Compared with the Ford Focus the Civic remains the car to beat for the year. IN crash tests rankings the Civic remains one of the safest compact vehicles on the market. Handling is very nimble and is still owed to the uniquely tuned suspension system that Honda designed for the Civic and Accord models. Interior quality is another aspect that these cars seem to excel, offering ample room for rear passengers. Consumers looking for a small car that is sporty, well refined, handles great, and comes at a very affordable price must consider one of the 2002 Honda Civic models.