1998 Honda Civic

1998 Honda Civic

1998 Honda Civic is the longest lived vehicle in the manufacturer’s lineup. Being a sub-compact car means that it has a lot of competition from great vehicles like the Toyota Corolla. Amazingly for over 30 years the Civic has been the number one car in it’s class and that doesn’t look like it’s about to change. Not much has been overhauled for the ’98 model compared with previous years, but a few things have been tweaked for the better. Depending upon the trim package chosen the Civic ranges from rather basic to a fully loaded modern machine.

Still one of the most important aspects behind the car is the great fuel economy that it offers owners. Beyond that integral factor are the small stature that make the vehicle very easy to drive and an overall build quality that makes the vehicle comfortable and pleasant to look at. The trim packages available for the 1998 Honda Civic include the CX, DX, LX, HX, and Si. The basic models include the CX and DX trim levels which don’t really come with a whole lot of extra amenities. Expect one of these vehicles to come without power windows and locks, no AC, and only basic stereo systems. For something a little more refined there are the LX models which have a lot more going on the inside. Standard features for these trim packages include power windows and locks, AC, better audio systems, sun roofs, and more interior fabrics to select from.

The Si level has been outfitted for the year with a more powerful VTEC engine. Most Si models are equipped with the same standard features as the high end LX and have some additional features as optional equipment. A GX model was introduced as well for the year which runs entirely off of natural gas. HX models are hatchbacks that come with the high-end features and are a lot shorter than the standard 2 door coupes. Overall the 1998 Honda Civic comes in a wide variety of trim levels at the upper end and a lot of different power train options for fuel economy.

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The standard engine for most vehicles is the 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine. Most other high end models are some sort of adoption upon that engine to get better horsepower or something else out of it. The standard transmission for most models is a 5 speed manual with a 4 speed automatic as optional equipment. The Si model is equipped with only a 6 speed manual for optimal performance. On gasoline powered models the average fuel efficiency ranges from 29 mpg city to 36 mpg highway. Those numbers make the Civic one of the most economical cars produced for the ’98 model year.

Overall performance is rather good and the wishbone suspension is certainly what makes the cars handle so nimbly. Compared with cars like the Nissan Altima the 1998 Civic is one of the most pleasant to drive and feels solid on any possible driving surface.

Consumers looking for a budget vehicle that is built to last will want to take a look at any one of the Civic models offered. They remain some of the popular cars in production today and are known for their ride quality, great fuel economy, and the superb quality of engineering.