1997 Honda Civic

1997 Honda Civic

The 1997 Honda Civic comes with 3 different body styles and is very customizable in just about every aspect. As a subcompact car it gets great gas mileage and handles as nimbly as any car offered for the ’97 model year. Its closest competitor is the Toyota Corolla which is also the only car that has been in production longer than the Civic itself. The car has come to be known for its reliability and quality of engineering which make it a very rewarding and inexpensive vehicle to own. The Civic makes it hard to say that there is a better car on the market.

Trim packages available for the 1997 Honda Civic include the CX, DX, LX, Si, and HX. CX models are the budget oriented trim package that doesn’t have a whole lot in terms of creature comforts. CX models lack power windows and locks, have no AC, but still are as reliable for transportation as any other Civic ever produced. DX models are very basic as well but at least have the option to be outfitted with some power accessories like windows and locks, and could possibly be outfitted with AC. LX models are a very big step up in terms of available features. Standard equipment on LX models include full power accessories, sun roofs, power adjustable driver seats, CD/Cassette players, tilt steering wheels, cruise control, and a lot of other optional features.

HX coupe models are the hatchback option which has been increased in length by 4.3 inches. Most HX models came equipped with the same standard features as the high-end LX and could be customized in a multitude of different ways. Si models could be outfitted the same as the other high-end packages as well and had their own specific engines that were more powerful than the others.

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Power trains offered for the 1997 Honda Civic include a 106 horsepower 1.6 liter four cylinder engine which is standard on most all of the Civic models. The HX and LX models come with an optional 115 horsepower 4 cylinder engine, while the Si comes with a 160 horsepower engine.

Fuel economy is where the sub-compact cars tend to excel and the Civic is no exception. Most models are able to produce on average at least 30 mpg. The smaller engines tend to stay in the low to mid 30 mpg range, with larger engines getting slightly less. One area where the 1997 Civic is lacking is road noise, being that interior noise is noticeably louder than that of the Toyota Corolla. Rear entry is also somewhat poor, making it awkward for rear passengers to enter and exit this small car. Oddly however, there actually is a lot of room for rear passengers once they are inside the vehicle.

Dual airbags are standard safety equipment. On certain models like the EX antilock brakes are standard while only offered as optional on LX sedans and EX coupes. Overall the Civic fairs well in crash test ratings for a subcompact car, but are nowhere near the safety offered by a full size sedan.

Consumers on a budget that need a reliable vehicle seriously must consider a Civic. They may not be the most stylish or fully loaded cars, but they offer a reliable form of transportation that is unparalleled by any competitor.