1995 Honda Civic

1995 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is one of the most popular vehicles every produced, and for good reason. First introduced in the 1970’s, it didn’t take long for America to love these compact cars. The 1995 Honda Civic offers buyers the chance to get a vehicle that is very reliable, and very affordable to own as well. The fuel economy of the Civic is remarkable to say the least, with even the most fuel hungry model averaging around 30 mpg. The unique suspension system employed by Honda makes these cars very nimble on the highway, while retaining a solid feel that gives confidence to drivers.

Trim packages offered for the ’95 model year include the DX, CX, Si, and EX. All of these trim levels are offered in either coupes or sedan body styles. DX models really are the basic level imaginable. No power windows, locks, or AC are present on any DX model and they have only the most minimalist of interiors. Overall a DX model won’t impress anybody too much, but it is the reliability that make even these packages so popular. One highlight is that they do have a very capable stereo system that lasts over time. Moving up to something a little more luxurious is the CX model which offers full power accessories. Other optional features for CXs are CD/Cassette players, leather wrapped steering wheels and shift knobs, power adjustable driver seats, sun roofs, and more interior fabrics to choose from.

Those looking for an even more refined interior will have to consider one of the EX models. They are offered with many different exterior body colors, and interior colors and fabrics. Standard features of all EX models are CD/Cassette players, full power accessories, sun roofs, adjustable driver and passenger front seats, folding rear seats, and much more. Depending upon how these cars were bought will determine a great deal of the features found inside and EX model.

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1995 saw the introduction of the VTEC technology engines. There was a special VX model that was designed around these special engines and came with most of the features available on the high end EX models. The engines offered for the 1995 Honda Civic models include a 1.5 liter 92 horsepower full efficient 4 cylinder engine with VTEC-E. Next up in power was the 125 horsepower 1.6 liter four cylinder offered for the EX sedan models. The CX and DX models came with a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine that produced 70 horsepower.

As far as compact cars are concerned the Civic was able to fair decently in crash test ratings. None of these cars were able to get perfect scores, but they were able to at least beat or compete with all of their competitors. Standard safety features include front driver and passenger airbags. Fuel economy was where these cars really were able to excel, offering owners anywhere from 29 to 32 mpg city to upwards of 35 to 40 mpg highway, making them some of the most economical cars to own.

Consumers looking to buy a car that is economically oriented in the fuel consumption category and won’t break their budget in initial purchase should consider any model of the infamous Honda Civic. They offer quality and dependability that all other manufacturers strive for in the compact car segment.