1991 Honda Civic

1991 Honda Civic

The 1991 Honda Civic is part of a long line of compact cars manufactured by the Honda Corporation for the North American market. It is the second longest running car from a Japanese automaker on the market (behind the Toyota Corolla which started in 1968). The Civic is available as both a 2 door coupe and sedan body style and is known for being a relatively roomy compact car. Both it and the Honda Accord are built with a unique suspension system which gives it a solid feel while remaining relatively nimble in highway and city driving situations.

The ’91 model year is a continuation of the redesigned Civic introduced in 1988. The wheelbase has been increased to 98.4 inches and the overall body was lowered, making it more aerodynamic and fuel efficient. Trim packages available include the basic DX, LX, EX, and Si. DX models as stated are very basic and come with little to no additional features that aren’t absolutely necessary. A DX has tilt steering wheels, manually adjustable seats, manual windows and locks. Although there isn’t a lot of interior amenities DX models are popular because they still utilize the same engines and parts that make the 1991 Honda Civic so reliable. Stepping up in class is the LX which has much more available in terms of features. LX models have optional power windows and locks, AC, moon roofs, and optional power adjustable power seats.

EX and Si models are equipped with the best luxury amenities offered of in any compact car for the ’91 season. Standard features include AC, full power accessories, a larger engine, optional 6 speed manual transmission with super low gears, expanded stereo systems, and many other optional items. Si models come with there own different engines that were equipped on the 4 wheel drive wagon models as well and could be outfitted with the same features as EX models.

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The 1991 Honda Civic has a unique wishbone suspension in the front and a multiple linked suspension system for the rear of the vehicle. These suspension systems are what makes the car handle very nicely. The engines available are very useful as well ranging from a 1.5 liter four cylinder that produces 70 horsepower, a 1.6 liter four cylinder capable of 108 horsepower and another 1.5 liter that produces 92 horsepower. Most engines were interchangeable between models and the standard transmission was a 5 speed manual with a 6 speed manual being optional on Si and wagon models. Most cars could be purchase with a 4 speed automatic transmission as well.

Gas mileage for these cars is incredible and the only car from that season that really can compare is the Toyota Corolla. Most cars had an average fuel efficiency in the low to mid 30 mpg range. Other changes for the 1991 Honda Civic include a makeover for the interior which saw new fabrics implemented for seating along with a rearrangement of the console. The instrument cluster was redesigned for a more user friendly experience.

As a budget car the Civic offered consumers a great choices of trim levels and available features. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes which make them very unique for the time period that they were manufactured. It is easy to understand why they are still some of the most popular cars on the market.