1980’s Airwolf RC Helicopters

1980’s Airwolf RC Helicopters

Airwolf, the 1980’s hit show, took place in the Cold War Era and was based on a military crew and their Bell 222 helicopter which had a military code name of Airwolf hence the actual name of the show. The show was filled with action and espionage with the pilot on a mission to locate his brother who went missing in the Vietnam War.

The actual helicopter in the show was modeled after the real life Bell 222. This classic model developed by Bell in the early 1970’s could seat two pilots in the cabin and at least six additional passengers. It was made of light alloy and had the fuselage structured around the actual cabin. The fuel tank was an L-shape and was located at the back of the helicopter. It had turbo shaft engines and optional retractable undercarriage.

The actual helicopter in the show was grayish in color on the top and a silver whitish color beneath. For entertainment purpose there were many different props added to the plane which actually made it a very unrealistic aircraft. There was retractable machine guns, a retractable rocket launcher, prop twin turbo engines on the side, and a refueling nozzle on the inside which could be used to refuel while flying in the air.

On the show the helicopter was able to perform in ways that are not possible for such an aircraft. It could fly upside down and would travel at high speeds that are impossible for a helicopter to do. The name Airwolf came from the sound of the turbo boost engines made as the helicopter flew which sounded like a howling wolf flying across the sky.

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In the mid 1980’s the series, Airwolf, was finished but helicopter that stared in the show lives on today. Many Airwolf RC helicopters are made to meet the demands of collectors and hobbyists. The Airwolf RC helicopters are made in all different sizes and at different levels for beginners or experienced users. They are all model Bell 222’s but with the added features or props that were used in the show such as the retractable machine guns, retractable rocket launcher, and twin turbo engines on the sides.